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1.) To pm me their choices:
MAJiC Mama
Free Thinker

2.) I also need someone to pick the following mamas:

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Hemp clothes, wahm clothes, organic cotton clothes:
boy:18m - 3t
girl: 3t - 4t
woman: xs
(nothing tapered)

large boyish colorful print aios: fmbg, zootkitty, bumkins, fuzzi bunz (colors), manyducks, bizzy b hive, fuzbaby, justin's buttons, luke's drawers, buckeye bottoms, ...etc

winter tights 3-4t

new sippy cups

wooden toys

macintosh / apple stuff for dh (ask first cuz he's a mac freak and we have a lot)

gift certificates anywhere

I don't mind used things, but please only EC items, no rips, stains, etc.

RB WIO- Size 2
Ice Star- M or L (Gotta try)
Sugarpeas WOOL Cover- L (NO avocado)
Patchwork Pixie Wool Cover - L (Girly Colors only)
Kissaluvs Size 0 GN Colors *These are for a friend - not me!*

For the kiddos
PJ's -
Size 8 boy, Size 8 girl, Size 12-18mth Girl (Prefer Children's Place, Gap, Old Navy or Hanna PJ's)
Church Dresses- WINTERY, (EC only please)
Size 7 Girl, Size 18-24mth Girl
Gameboy Advance (OR if you have one to sell, PM me! Any color but pink)
DVD's for Kids (Disney, Baby Einstein, etc.. PM me)
DVD's in Spanish for the kid's.

Momma Stuff
Keeper - NEW, Size "A"
Nursing Dresses- 3x

For DH
Obsession Cologne
DVD's in Spanish (Adults movies)

Ink Cartridge's (New- Black or Color- Lexmark for a Z22)

Baking Stones- Pie Plate, 8x8, 9x9, 10x13
Norelco HAIR clippers (NOT the beard/mustache kind)
Gift Certificates to the following:
Children's Place
Home Depot
Children's Place
Red Lobster
Golden Corral

Kissaluvs size 0 (only one)
Alexis or Nappies pull-on pants, sizes NB and small (1 of each)
(These are to copy for sewing, so ratty condition is A-OK)

Toys, Art Supplies, etc. for toddler:
Groovy Girls clothes
Cloth diapers for baby dolls
Sippy cup for a doll
Wooden food, esp. velcro fruits and/or veggies
Wooden rhythym (is that spelled right??) instruments
Dragon Tales video (only one, doesn't matter which)
Wiggles video (only one, doesn't matter which)
Spill-proof paint containers
Beeswax crayons
Finger paint (washable)
Fingerpainting paper
Large, good quality drawing paper
Child's paintbrushes
Glue sticks
Small bottle of Elmer's glue

Clothes, etc. for 2 year old girl:
Hanna size 90 dresses, tights, leggings (can be 80), long-sleeved t-shirts, EC only please.
100% cotton 2 piece PJ's size 2T/90 or same size cotton nightgown (esp Hanna striped long johns)
Elefanten size 22 shoes, play condition (for preschool)
Size 2T 100% cotton underwear (GN or girly)
Hanna sweedish moccasins, size 7-9 (or similar slipper or slipper sock). EC

Sewing and Crafts:
Procion dyes and dyeing supplies (e.g. soda ash)
wonderful 100% cotton knit print fabrics
Polyaceter snaps, for OSDS press, size 20, not black, yellow, ivory, or green
Rowan Handknit DK cotton yarn
100% merino wool from (check with me first on color, please )
Mission Falls 1824 cotton yarn
Schmetz or Singer sewing machine needles
Bobbin storage case
Wall-mounted holder for thread spools
Beautiful variegated serging thread
Rotary cutter and mat (or just mat)
Side-snapping PooPockets diaper pattern

Style Your Own Kids Knits
The Basic Guide to Dyeing and Painting Fabric
Customizing Your Sewing Patterns for a Perfect Fit (Morris & McCann)
Stack the Deck (Alexander)
Bright Quilts from Down Under
The Complete Crazy Patchwork
Small Business for Dummies
What Children Want that Money Can't Buy
Living Simply with Children
More Fun, Less Stuff
Mothering Your Nursing Toddler
Raising Your Spirited Child
Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles
How to Cook Anything (Mark Bittman)
Pretend Soup (Molly Katzen)
The Stay-at-Home Mom's Guide to Making Money
Alejandro's Gift
Celebrating Family Milestones by Making Art Together
Playhouses You Can Build: Indoor and Backyard designs
Any Room for Me (Koopmas)
The Story of the Root Children
What's inside (Ashbe)
I Spy, and Alphabet in Art
Bintou's Braids
On the Day You Were Born (Fraiser)
I Look Like a Girl
Busy but Balanced
The Complete Tightwad Gazette
The Successful Child (Sears)
200 Ways to Raise a Girl's Self-Esteem
Empire Falls (Richard Russo)
Loving without Spoiling
How to Listen so Kids will Talk
Whole foods for the Whole Family
Sugar-Free Toddlers
Healthy Snacks for Kids
Mash and Smash Cookbook
Baby on the Way (Sears et al)
What Baby Needs (Sears et al)
Playful Learning: An Alternate Approach to Preschool
Simply Natural Baby Food

(so I love books, okay?)

For me
Hanna Andersson Power of a Great T, long or short sleeved, size XL, EC
Hanna Andersson Long Johns, prefer striped, size L or XL top, size S or XS bottom (you can't fault a girl for trying!).

Mailing envelopes
Tyvek envelopes
Clear packing tape
Postage scale

organic cotton yarn

wood crochet hooks

Art prints, cards, etc by Ann Rothan

Mother & Child print by Ragen

Mandalas - pretty ones

Lotus print or painting

Kundalini yoga video or DVD

Earthlings organic clothing in any size/gender

Blue Canoe clothing in XL - melon or Clay colors

XL clothing made of hemp or organic cotton in brown

hammered copper jewelry or kitchen stuff

organic facial toner

organic face soap

any San Diego mamas doing this? I'd love organic homegrown produce/herbs/flowers or a sewing lesson!

waldorfy toys/art stuff/books for my children

Dinotopia stuff

Teachers manual for Harry Potter (really want this!)

homemade clothing or toys

Once upon a potty for girls

organic cotton disposable pads (my dd refuses to use cloth)

pretty jewelery made from natural materials - my fave colors are brown, amber, warm yellow, copper, etc....

Random items that I am ISO:

*Relaxing Classical Music CDS (non vocal)
*Yoga workout videos
*Tea Tree Essential Oil
*Wooden Puzzles (for a young toddler)
*Wooden pull or push toys or really any wooden toys or any pull or push toys

Diapering items I'd like to try (ALL LARGE PLEASE) I know that they'd be used. I'd love them just so long as they are still usable and not falling apart

*Sugarpeas fitted
*FLAG diaper (boy print or gender neutral)
*a firefly fitted
*large pail liner
*fleece stay dry liner thingys

Clothing Items (I dont need pajamas) that I'd love to have for my BOY to wear this fall or winter. I need clothes that are in good condition please. I'm kinda picky about Cort's clothes.

*18month or 24 month Gap or Old Navy items
*18 month or 24 month Carter's Items


Medium all hemp or hemp/sherpa SUPER ABSORBENT fitted dipes (I need 6) can be plain outer or boy/gn print, front snap or aplix only please
Zippered wet bag
New or ec used smjae (or similar) wipes
Flushable liners any brand

KK fleece pouch small (any color)
zolo sling small (any fabric)

Parenting the Spirited Child
No cry sleep solution
happiest baby on the block
the new hillary clinton book
first editions of Harry Potter books 1 - 4
Any first edition Stephen King books (hardcover) in vgc or better
Magazine type book racks for kids' books

Little Mermaid

Playsilks (3-4, any color/size)
Tupperware covered ice cube trays
8 qt pressure cooker (stovetop or electric)

Knitting supplies:
needles: any size or type but 8, i have those lol
circular needles
100% wool yarn

procion dyes in basic colors (red, yellow, blue)

Serger cones, bright colors or rainbow
Wool roving for felt balls
Fabric - yard squares of interesting fabric, any amount of cute girly flannel prints
Procion dyes, any color
Essential oils
tins for lip balm, jars for hand cream
cotton candle wick, no metal
soap molds
candle molds
Bummis SWW (no snaps) prints or white, size med
Pink/red Snappis
Premium CPFs
9-12 month sized girly outfits with fairies or other mythical creatures
9-12 month sized Carters Eric Carle outfits in yellow or red
9-12 month sized Carters cotton girly clothes
9-12 month sized cute girly light coat for winter.
Fairy wings for a 2ish girl
Baby toys for 6 mo old - wooden toys, cloth dolls, teethers
Carters Emu frog print blanket
Kitchen aid mixer (hahaha I'm so funny)
heavy Oneida dinner sized forks (mismatched ok)
gram kitchen scale
small metal espresso pitcher

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adding to my list.......

wet bags

organic cotton fabric/notions

hemp fabric

The goddess workout or DVD

Little Bear Movie

organic fitted diapers

soft star shoes size 5 wide

tea tree oil or lotion

any homeopathics that are good for fungal conditions

Raffi's Bananaphone

natural candles

natural lip balms - I'm a lip balm junky

if I think of anything else to put I will add to this list!

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I pmed them to you and then remembered that we were supposed to e-mail them so I did that too.

Also - I added to my list on the main swap page. I can't remember what all I added but here are a few:

Robeez, Soft Stars, Shoobdoos style shoes:
boy :18m - 3yrs
girl: 3yrs +

super cute halloween costumes:
boy: 18m - 2t
girl: 3-4yrs

smaller backpack carrier - I'd be willing to make 2 packages for this or extra trade or whatever

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I thought maybe I missed it too. It must be taking awhile because some of the choices didn't go through right away, and it's a lot of work organizing all the names.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the 8th already!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! Still waiting for someone to pick lolov and jodim, seraph and cortsmommy.

Hoping to get this rapped up on Wed. for the latest. Sorry mamas!!!! (but yesterday was my b-day- so be nice to me!)
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