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1.) To pm me their choices:<br>
MAJiC Mama<br>
Free Thinker<br>
2.) I also need someone to pick the following mamas:<br>

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Hemp clothes, wahm clothes, organic cotton clothes:<br>
boy:18m - 3t<br>
girl: 3t - 4t<br>
woman: xs<br>
(nothing tapered)<br><br>
large boyish colorful print aios: fmbg, zootkitty, bumkins, fuzzi bunz (colors), manyducks, bizzy b hive, fuzbaby, justin's buttons, luke's drawers, buckeye bottoms, ...etc<br><br>
winter tights 3-4t<br><br>
new sippy cups<br><br>
wooden toys<br><br>
macintosh / apple stuff for dh (ask first cuz he's a mac freak and we have a lot)<br><br>
gift certificates anywhere<br><br><b>JodiM:</b><br>
I don't mind used things, but please only EC items, no rips, stains, etc.<br><br>
RB WIO- Size 2<br>
Ice Star- M or L (Gotta try)<br>
Sugarpeas WOOL Cover- L (NO avocado)<br>
Patchwork Pixie Wool Cover - L (Girly Colors only)<br>
Kissaluvs Size 0 GN Colors *These are for a friend - not me!*<br><br>
For the kiddos<br>
PJ's -<br>
Size 8 boy, Size 8 girl, Size 12-18mth Girl (Prefer Children's Place, Gap, Old Navy or Hanna PJ's)<br>
Church Dresses- WINTERY, (EC only please)<br>
Size 7 Girl, Size 18-24mth Girl<br>
Gameboy Advance (OR if you have one to sell, PM me! Any color but pink)<br>
DVD's for Kids (Disney, Baby Einstein, etc.. PM me)<br>
DVD's in Spanish for the kid's.<br><br>
Momma Stuff<br>
Keeper - NEW, Size "A"<br>
Nursing Dresses- 3x<br><br>
For DH<br>
Obsession Cologne<br>
DVD's in Spanish (Adults movies)<br><br>
Ink Cartridge's (New- Black or Color- Lexmark for a Z22)<br><br>
Baking Stones- Pie Plate, 8x8, 9x9, 10x13<br>
Norelco HAIR clippers (NOT the beard/mustache kind)<br>
Gift Certificates to the following:<br>
Children's Place<br>
Home Depot<br>
Children's Place<br>
Red Lobster<br>
Golden Corral<br><br><b>Pinky:</b><br>
Kissaluvs size 0 (only one)<br>
Alexis or Nappies pull-on pants, sizes NB and small (1 of each)<br>
(These are to copy for sewing, so ratty condition is A-OK)<br><br>
Toys, Art Supplies, etc. for toddler:<br>
Groovy Girls clothes<br>
Cloth diapers for baby dolls<br>
Sippy cup for a doll<br>
Wooden food, esp. velcro fruits and/or veggies<br>
Wooden rhythym (is that spelled right??) instruments<br>
Dragon Tales video (only one, doesn't matter which)<br>
Wiggles video (only one, doesn't matter which)<br>
Spill-proof paint containers<br>
Beeswax crayons<br>
Finger paint (washable)<br>
Fingerpainting paper<br>
Large, good quality drawing paper<br>
Child's paintbrushes<br>
Glue sticks<br>
Small bottle of Elmer's glue<br><br>
Clothes, etc. for 2 year old girl:<br>
Hanna size 90 dresses, tights, leggings (can be 80), long-sleeved t-shirts, EC only please.<br>
100% cotton 2 piece PJ's size 2T/90 or same size cotton nightgown (esp Hanna striped long johns)<br>
Elefanten size 22 shoes, play condition (for preschool)<br>
Size 2T 100% cotton underwear (GN or girly)<br>
Hanna sweedish moccasins, size 7-9 (or similar slipper or slipper sock). EC<br><br><br>
Sewing and Crafts:<br>
Procion dyes and dyeing supplies (e.g. soda ash)<br>
wonderful 100% cotton knit print fabrics<br>
Polyaceter snaps, for OSDS press, size 20, not black, yellow, ivory, or green<br>
Rowan Handknit DK cotton yarn<br>
100% merino wool from (check with me first on color, please )<br>
Mission Falls 1824 cotton yarn<br>
Schmetz or Singer sewing machine needles<br>
Bobbin storage case<br>
Wall-mounted holder for thread spools<br>
Beautiful variegated serging thread<br>
Rotary cutter and mat (or just mat)<br>
Side-snapping PooPockets diaper pattern<br><br>
Style Your Own Kids Knits<br>
The Basic Guide to Dyeing and Painting Fabric<br>
Customizing Your Sewing Patterns for a Perfect Fit (Morris & McCann)<br>
Stack the Deck (Alexander)<br>
Bright Quilts from Down Under<br>
The Complete Crazy Patchwork<br>
Small Business for Dummies<br>
What Children Want that Money Can't Buy<br>
Living Simply with Children<br>
More Fun, Less Stuff<br>
Mothering Your Nursing Toddler<br>
Raising Your Spirited Child<br>
Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles<br>
How to Cook Anything (Mark Bittman)<br>
Pretend Soup (Molly Katzen)<br>
The Stay-at-Home Mom's Guide to Making Money<br>
Alejandro's Gift<br>
Celebrating Family Milestones by Making Art Together<br>
Playhouses You Can Build: Indoor and Backyard designs<br>
Any Room for Me (Koopmas)<br>
The Story of the Root Children<br>
What's inside (Ashbe)<br>
I Spy, and Alphabet in Art<br>
Bintou's Braids<br>
On the Day You Were Born (Fraiser)<br>
I Look Like a Girl<br>
Busy but Balanced<br>
The Complete Tightwad Gazette<br>
The Successful Child (Sears)<br>
200 Ways to Raise a Girl's Self-Esteem<br>
Empire Falls (Richard Russo)<br>
Loving without Spoiling<br>
How to Listen so Kids will Talk<br>
Whole foods for the Whole Family<br>
Sugar-Free Toddlers<br>
Healthy Snacks for Kids<br>
Mash and Smash Cookbook<br>
Baby on the Way (Sears et al)<br>
What Baby Needs (Sears et al)<br>
Playful Learning: An Alternate Approach to Preschool<br>
Simply Natural Baby Food<br><br>
(so I love books, okay?)<br><br>
For me<br>
Hanna Andersson Power of a Great T, long or short sleeved, size XL, EC<br>
Hanna Andersson Long Johns, prefer striped, size L or XL top, size S or XS bottom (you can't fault a girl for trying!).<br><br>
Mailing envelopes<br>
Tyvek envelopes<br>
Clear packing tape<br>
Postage scale<br><br><b>Starfairy:</b><br>
organic cotton yarn<br><br>
wood crochet hooks<br><br>
Art prints, cards, etc by Ann Rothan<br><br>
Mother & Child print by Ragen<br><br>
Mandalas - pretty ones<br><br>
Lotus print or painting<br><br>
Kundalini yoga video or DVD<br><br>
Earthlings organic clothing in any size/gender<br><br>
Blue Canoe clothing in XL - melon or Clay colors<br><br>
XL clothing made of hemp or organic cotton in brown<br><br>
hammered copper jewelry or kitchen stuff<br><br>
organic facial toner<br><br>
organic face soap<br><br>
any San Diego mamas doing this? I'd love organic homegrown produce/herbs/flowers or a sewing lesson!<br><br>
waldorfy toys/art stuff/books for my children<br><br>
Dinotopia stuff<br><br>
Teachers manual for Harry Potter (really want this!)<br><br>
homemade clothing or toys<br><br>
Once upon a potty for girls<br><br>
organic cotton disposable pads (my dd refuses to use cloth)<br><br>
pretty jewelery made from natural materials - my fave colors are brown, amber, warm yellow, copper, etc....<br><br>
Random items that I am ISO:<br><br>
*Relaxing Classical Music CDS (non vocal)<br>
*Yoga workout videos<br>
*Tea Tree Essential Oil<br>
*Wooden Puzzles (for a young toddler)<br>
*Wooden pull or push toys or really any wooden toys or any pull or push toys<br><br><br>
Diapering items I'd like to try (ALL LARGE PLEASE) I know that they'd be used. I'd love them just so long as they are still usable and not falling apart<br><br>
*Sugarpeas fitted<br>
*FLAG diaper (boy print or gender neutral)<br>
*a firefly fitted<br>
*large pail liner<br>
*fleece stay dry liner thingys<br><br>
Clothing Items (I dont need pajamas) that I'd love to have for my BOY to wear this fall or winter. I need clothes that are in good condition please. I'm kinda picky about Cort's clothes.<br><br>
*18month or 24 month Gap or Old Navy items<br>
*18 month or 24 month Carter's Items<br><br><b>LoLov:</b><br>
Medium all hemp or hemp/sherpa SUPER ABSORBENT fitted dipes (I need 6) can be plain outer or boy/gn print, front snap or aplix only please<br>
Zippered wet bag<br>
New or ec used smjae (or similar) wipes<br>
Flushable liners any brand<br><br>
KK fleece pouch small (any color)<br>
zolo sling small (any fabric)<br><br>
Parenting the Spirited Child<br>
No cry sleep solution<br>
happiest baby on the block<br>
the new hillary clinton book<br>
first editions of Harry Potter books 1 - 4<br>
Any first edition Stephen King books (hardcover) in vgc or better<br>
Magazine type book racks for kids’ books<br><br>
Little Mermaid<br><br>
Playsilks (3-4, any color/size)<br>
Tupperware covered ice cube trays<br>
8 qt pressure cooker (stovetop or electric)<br><br>
Knitting supplies:<br>
needles: any size or type but 8, i have those lol<br>
circular needles<br>
100% wool yarn<br><br>
procion dyes in basic colors (red, yellow, blue)<br><br><b>Seraph:</b><br>
Serger cones, bright colors or rainbow<br>
Wool roving for felt balls<br>
Fabric - yard squares of interesting fabric, any amount of cute girly flannel prints<br>
Procion dyes, any color<br>
Essential oils<br>
tins for lip balm, jars for hand cream<br>
cotton candle wick, no metal<br>
soap molds<br>
candle molds<br>
Bummis SWW (no snaps) prints or white, size med<br>
Pink/red Snappis<br>
Premium CPFs<br>
9-12 month sized girly outfits with fairies or other mythical creatures<br>
9-12 month sized Carters Eric Carle outfits in yellow or red<br>
9-12 month sized Carters cotton girly clothes<br>
9-12 month sized cute girly light coat for winter.<br>
Fairy wings for a 2ish girl<br>
Baby toys for 6 mo old - wooden toys, cloth dolls, teethers<br>
Carters Emu frog print blanket<br>
Kitchen aid mixer (hahaha I'm so funny)<br>
heavy Oneida dinner sized forks (mismatched ok)<br>
gram kitchen scale<br>
small metal espresso pitcher

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I thought I e-mailed my choices to you already? Did it not go thru? I put "MDC Swap" as the title. Let me know, and I can re-send it.<br><br>
Thanks for doing this!!!

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adding to my list.......<br><br><br>
wet bags<br><br>
organic cotton fabric/notions<br><br>
hemp fabric<br><br>
The goddess workout or DVD<br><br>
Little Bear Movie<br><br>
organic fitted diapers<br><br>
soft star shoes size 5 wide<br><br>
tea tree oil or lotion<br><br>
any homeopathics that are good for fungal conditions<br><br>
Raffi's Bananaphone<br><br>
natural candles<br><br>
natural lip balms - I'm a lip balm junky <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br>
if I think of anything else to put I will add to this list! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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okay, dh has three of four and the fourth is sleeping...<br><br>
so i will look at those still needing to be selected first.<br><br>
oh, and can i select more than one?

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Yes you can do more than 1 package as long as I can "make it work"<br><br><br>
Free Thinker- no I have yet to get the email- it might have gotten lost in the shuffle- please resend

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I emailed my list to you on Sept. 4th. I'll re-send the email AND pm you just to be safe.

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I pmed them to you and then remembered that we were supposed to e-mail them so I did that too.<br><br>
Also - I added to my list on the main swap page. I can't remember what all I added but here are a few:<br><br>
Robeez, Soft Stars, Shoobdoos style shoes:<br>
boy :18m - 3yrs<br>
girl: 3yrs +<br><br>
super cute halloween costumes:<br>
boy: 18m - 2t<br>
girl: 3-4yrs<br><br>
smaller backpack carrier - I'd be willing to make 2 packages for this or extra trade or whatever

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You got my email with choices right????<br><br>
I am trying to come back to the land of the living now

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Where do we stand on this one <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Confused">: I haven't missed the assignment post have I?

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I thought maybe I missed it too. It must be taking awhile because some of the choices didn't go through right away, and it's a lot of work organizing all the names.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the 8th already!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! Still waiting for someone to pick lolov and jodim, seraph and cortsmommy.<br><br>
Hoping to get this rapped up on Wed. for the latest. Sorry mamas!!!! (but yesterday was my b-day- so be nice to me!)

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I sent you an email last week that I could add cortsmommy, moonqueen and starfairy to my list, so you shouldn't need anyone to pick those three??<br><br>
Thanks.. I know this must be a royal PITA!!!<br><br>

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i think i can add seraph and lolov if that helps. i'll send you email<br><br>
edited to add: Happy Birthday <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="partytime"> and Thanks!!!

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Happy Birthday!

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Since no one has anything I need, I can just sit this one out for now if that will help. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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