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still not sure it's the baby

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ok.. so I have yet to have constant, every day movement. I think it's been a week since I had something that I was kinda sure was the baby..but as time goes on, I get more and more doubtful that what I felt was even the baby! I should be going for my next doctors visit tomorrow, but the dr. is on vacation, so we are not scheduled an appointment until NEXT week. So it will be 5 LONG weeks between appointments..I am starting to secretly get nervous. I mean I had my u/s April 8th and the little guy was bouncing all around towards the end.. I know I have an anterior placenta.. but I am almost half way, and I haven't had those tell tale "THAT is the baby moments.. just things that I think, might be him.

should I be concerned?
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Definitely not. I had an anterior placenta with my daughter and I didn't feel definite kicks with her until about 21 weeks and it was a while after that when they were consistent. By the end, I was hoping for a break from kicks!
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OK..thanks..I just wanted to know if I was "normal" in that sense..I went to bed all scared.
Sorry you are feeling nervous, it IS a long time between visits, does your doctor's office have nurses or someone else you can call and talk to? DH is good about making me call about anything I may be questioning (and I have called much more than with my first pregnancy!).
i didn't notice this post yesterday - but I FEEL YA!! youre not alone ;-)
Due to the office rescheduling, my next prenatal appointment is over five weeks after my last one. I've developed a whole bunch of questions in the meantime (and am kicking myself for not insisting that I get to hear the heartbeat last time!) so I'm also feeling super antsy about it and like it won't come soon enough. Five weeks is a LONG wait... just wanted to post and express my sympathy there.
I, also, am not feeling consistent movement, and lots of the movements I think I'm feeling I'm not positive about. Last night I thought I felt some, but it seemed like they were too high??

I don't have an anterior placenta (actually, I have a rather low-lying placenta that we have to keep an eye on) and it's my third baby, so you'd think I'd know what to feel for!!!

And I'm almost 18 weeks...
I agree, five weeks is MUCH too long between appointments.. going to bed early to lay down and try really, really hard to feel the baby for sure.
I'm due the same time as you, and tonite I laid on my son's bed and had my hands on my belly just WAITING for movement as I realized I'd not really felt anything yesterday or today.......and this is my 4th.....

Then tonite I felt a bump against my laptop, so its *there* but not consistent at all. I've not felt it again tonite.

I dont' go til May 4th for my u/s and May 7th for my doc appt....and I've only heard the h/b once, so I'm still not confident!

I don't blame you for worrying......I'm the same way.
I have been feeling since 3 1/2 months but none of it is consistant. There are still days (20 weeks) that I don't feel anything at all and worry too. My baby girl is breech at this point which is why from what I have heard that I have felt her so early. I am having bathroom issues and need help with that. Is anyone else going so infrequently (not #1) that they end up with the trashcan between their legs when they do go? I am taking the stool softners and wondering is it because she is breech? Is she stepping on vital stuff that I need for that to function? Ok, enough chasing that rabbit...(for those of ya'll that aren't southerners-that just means I ran off in another direction). But to answer your question, this is my second and with my first, I did not feel her move consistantly either until much later in pregnancy. Those flutters or movements you think you feel, rest assured Mama, you know what is going on in your body. Yes, your feeling your dear one move. Now Jazzercise, 1234...
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