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Still Pregnant Thursday

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Well I thought I would start today thread!!!

Woke up pregnant again. Yesterday evening, I thought something was happening. I had surges right on top of each other. I could not catch my breath. It was like starting in transition! I was breaking out in sweats & nauseated (on both sides, KWIM?). Horrible. I kept trying to relax. Lasted about an hour when I was finnally able to get ahold of it. After lying down a bit it passed. Even though I felt horrible, I was excited. But alas, it was something intestinal & not labor. DARN IT! Oh well. I had even called my Doula to get her family ready for her to leave.

I am better this am. I am leary to eat anything. Probably just a banana this am. That episode did wipe me out, I did not even wake up to pee last night!

I have a question for you all. Does it hurt when your baby moves? Mine is constantly going LOA to ROA & when that rump switches sides, it hurts. Not just where her butt is either, it hurts everywhere. Anyone else???

Gonna go work in my friends garden today. Perhaps squatting will help. Then perhaps will go climb her hill. It is June Gloom here so it will not be too hot. A good day to have a baby, yeah right.
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Its thursday already
: . Well I am still loosing mucous. I was sick throwing up this morning. I cant catch my breath, as I did the dishes, swept the kitchen floor, 3 loads of laundry and folded it and put it all away, changed all the bed sheets and pillow cases. All this and it is only 11 am. It is wiping me out. I dont want to be doing this, but I am. I even scrubed the walls in the kitchen this morning.
. The weather is perfect to have a baby today, cool and cloudy. Not too hot but a perfect 70 degrees. I hope one of us has our baby soon. I weent and saw the midwife yesterday and she has my chart in her bag ready to go.I hope she can sense births, as mabey I will have this babe tonight, although I doubt it. I am convinced that s/he will come on Sunday...dd's ballet recital.

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I'm still here... thank God. I never thought I would be thankful to still be pregnant at this point but after the day I had yesterday, I am. Went in for an NST around 2pm and they saw a couple funky decels followed by 15 minutes of perfectly normal heartbeat. Of course, they rushed me off to the hospital for an ultrasound/BPP. The baby looked perfect, lots of fluid, no cords wrapped around anywhere, estimated weight 9.5lb (whateva), still 3 cm and +1 station (oy vey).

At that point they basically said because they couldn't explain the decels, an out of hospital birth was not an option for me anymore and sent me up to L & D. I was told they were going to do some more monitoring and then a decision would be made to either do an immediate c-sec or induce. Well, of course, once I was on the monitors SITTING UP, the baby looked absolutely perfect. At first the OBGYN on call offered AROM but then she pretty much took it back and said "I don't see any reason why we need to induce you now or why you can't give birth at the birth center". We were all just staring at her in shock, I couldn't believe they were giving me a second chance at my out of hospital birth.

Of course, I was out of there like a flash and made a plan to do acupunture induction and sweeping the membranes at the birth center this afternoon to hopefully get me into a good labor pattern. My midwife thinks that once I'm active it would be best to break my water because I seem to have a lot of it (18cm ?) for post-dates and she thinks it might be making the ctx I've been having ineffective. However, I'm not willing to cross that bridge just yet so we shall see how the sweeping/acupuncture goes.

It was such an emotional day for us but I can honestly say that everyone we encountered was very respectful of our wishes and I felt totally in control of the situation. If something like that were to happen again, I think we are much more prepared to make quick decisions.

Faith in our babies... Faith in our bodies...
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Still here, still grumpy.
Lots of false labor alllllllll night long. no sleep. no baby. lots of pain.
and if my MIL calls one more time, I am going to scream!!!!!!!!
We told her we would call her. But she has called 2x every day for at least a week. She is impatient because she wants to go to a grad party out of town this weekend. I really wish she would just go.

This baby just doesn't seem to want to follow the laws of gravity.

Well, I had my midwife appointment yesterday. She checked my cervix - nothing, closed and still about 2cm long. I'm not having anything near what I would call a real contractions and we all know this baby is going to be BIG. (He feels bigger to me than DD and she was 10lbs 8oz - but maybe its just in my mind)

DH and I talked and we decided to schedule a repeat c-section for next Tuesday (42 weeks). With all the various factors, we feel this is the best option for us. I'm sad that it may come to that, but I'm extremely relieved to have a solid plan and to be able to move on to the next stage - which I feel like we haven't been able to think about since the birth is such a looming stressful thing.

We had a nonstress test and AFI today and the baby looks great, tomorrow we'll have a BPP and monday meet with the OB that will perform the c/s on tuesday. Hopefully I'll go into labor before then, but given my history I don't feel really confident this will happen. My midwife said that if we get to Monday or Tuesday morning and just don't want to go through with it, its no problem to cancel/postpone.

This has been such a depressing / stressful week and while this isn't the ideal end to the pregnancy, I feel like now that we have a solid plan a black cloud has been lifted and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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I'm still here too. I've had tons of little contrax and lots of pressure on my cervix. The baby hurts when it moves for me, too, Cristina. I'm sooooooooooo obsessed with not being pregnant anymore. And it seems like everyone around me is just feeding the fire. I think I should just hole myself up and not talk to anyone for a few hours. Maybe if I sit there and meditate and visualize the baby coming out, something will happen. I really can't believe I'm a week overdue already. BLAH!
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