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Still troubles: newly breastfeeding friend still needs your help!!!

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Well, my friend went to the ped. today and her little one has gained 4 oz! And, he's not constipated. But, as I wrote with my original post, he's not pooping. The dr. said to "get him on a schedule" but my friend said she was advised by friends to feed him on demand. The dr. said that was "only in the beginning" (this little one is 3 weeks old, mind you). My friend's nipples are getting sore because she's trying to stick to one side so her ds will get the hindmilk. She says he's really only nursing for 5 to 10 minutes but wants to stay on forever. His latch is getting to be less and less but he won't be put off the breast. She's just about ready to give up and the two lc's she's called have not called her back. Any advice would be very welcome!!!!!!!

~Melissa, worried friend
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Hi Melissa
Do you think she would be willing to call someone? I would be more than willing to talk to her and my LLL leader is awesome and she will, too. We have a LLL meeting on Monday night and I really think she should come. I'll PM you my number.
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He's gained 4 oz in a week? That would be ok. or since birth? That would be bad. Has he regained his birthweight?

Nursing for 5-10 mins isn't so bad. My dd never did the 15 mins by the book. But she did nurse very frequently - every 1-2 hours. I'm not sure why she's concerned about the hindmilk - if he stops nursing, try switching sides to get him started again. He might have stopped nursing cause the flow slowed down too much.

Dr. sounds like he hasn't a clue. Never listen to doctors when it comes to BF. A schedule for a 3 w old sounds dangerous.

If there are weight gain issues, I'd call the LLL leader TODAY and keep trying to call LCs. Don't wait til the next LLL meeting. Bad latch leads to poor weight gain which leads to loss of milk supply. It's a downward spiral and can be corrected pretty easily with the right help at this stage but gets harder the longer it's left.

It happened to us. I finally got a private LC at 4 weeks who was a tremendous help and along with all the wise moms here got me on the right track again.
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Go to and look up articles by Dr. Jack Newman.

Two things come to mind--getting a deeper latch--briefly what is referred to as the asymetric latch in which the baby has a good grip on the breast and nipple with the lower jaw, head slightly flexed and comes in to the breast chin first. It is called asymetric because this ends up with more of the bottom areola being covered than the top, but baby gets a bigger mouthful of the breast and can thus get milk most effectively.

Also look up the article on breast compression. This is also a technique to get the baby to take in enough milk.
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