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afer a week!!! My DD has had diarrhea and vommiting since last Friday! She has no other symptoms such as a fever or anything. However she is VERY clingy and fussy when I leave her sight. Fortunately this has not affected her sleeping but it has affected everything else. I feel terrible! I took her to her doc on Monday and she said her throat looked fine, her ears looked fine...and that it must just be a stomach bug. She told me to lay off the formula and give her Pedialyte through Tues. and keep her on a plain diet of rice, bannanas, applesauce and toast. Which I have done all and reintroduced formula yesterday and all was fine til about 5p.m when she had another loose diaper and vomitted a few hours later.

I am clueless!!! I have a call into nurse but I was wondering what all you other MaMas do for this kinda stuff? I just wish my bm would come in early or something.
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