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stinging nettle and yeast

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so a little patch showed up on the nape of my arm. red and blotchy. i think it might be ringworm. i polticed what i thought was jewel weed. but actually grabbed the stinging nettle my sister had picked for me. so now the center is brown and blotchy. obviously from the acid in the nettle.

i have a minor yeast infection and am treating with pau'd arco tea, a powder of slippery elm, cornstarch, tea tree, pau d' arco...

i have been putting one drop of tea tree on my inner elbow about 5 times a day. and any other potential eruption spots.

i spray it with apple cider vinegar as well and shower and dry off twice a day.

my little one had somewhat of a diaper rash red chaffy kind and some dots...yeast?
cleared it up with plain yogurt and some calendula/olive oil cream.

my concern is that she has some red spots in a circle not doing anything but on the back of her head near her neck that i have been cleaning with ac vinegar and tea tree.

now there is a blotch on the high side of each cheeck. not developing into anything yet?

would this be yeast, ringworm? some other fungus? type spreading?

i guess im going to go to the pedi on monday and get a scratch test to see what i am treating.

anyone have anything similar go on? what else should i use for treatment?
do you treat yeast and ringworm the same?
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why is scalp ringworm treated with orals?

Originally Posted by greyskye
why is scalp ringworm treated with orals?
Prob. b/c it's hard to get topical meds around the hair.
THough that seems weird b/c some types of dandruff are fungal, and are treated with shampoos.

OK, I guess don't really have any answers, sorry!
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