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stink help please!!!!

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okay, i have some Ecobaby Grow With Me Organic One Size Diapers ( and love them for night time with a hemp doubler and an aristocrat (or other wool). anyway, they stink in the am. the amonia smell is overwhemling. i've tried stripping them (i washed them on hot 5 times with no detergent, high water level). there were never any bubbles so it doesn't seem like soap build up. i will say i usually use some baking soda in the wash so i also use vinegar (about 1/4 cup) in the 1st rinse (usually do 2 rinses) for ph balancing. but i've cut that out too. if i just put on an organic diaper and no hemp doubler, still stink so it is not the hemp but the organic diaper. also, it is just these diapers, not my other wahm fitteds or my prefolds. if i use 2 prefolds at night--no stink.

so now i'm at a loss for what to do. any suggestions? do i buy some dawn (we use joy--can one use that?) to really strip them? not sure if dawn is just for fleece? i'm to the point of crying. i love these diapers but the smell is just overwhelming.

thank you for any help!
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That's so sad! I'm just giving you a bump thought, because I don't know nothin' 'bout strippin' no diapers! (that was my best Gone With the Wind)
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hey mama

i don't have suggestion for you either - i've had some nighttime stink issues too.

have you tried turning your water heater way up?
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I would soak them on cold in some baking soda. If you have a FL maybe just dump about half cup, otherwise probably twice that with a top loader. Then do a couple hot washes. I made two diapers out of hemp fleece not so long ago and thy just stunk to high heaven! Weird because those were the only two stinkies...I'm thinking I got a stinky batch of fabric or something lol. I soaked in baking soda for a while and that totally got rid of it! Also maybe leave out the vinegar and see if that helps too. Let me know if you try that if it works!

Good luck, stinky diapers are no fun!!

we use those same dipes and have not had any stink issues (knock on wood). what about boiling them with a squirt of dish detergent? do not have an opinion on dawn vs. joy. i would probably try what i had on hand. when i strip dipes i use sport wash/sensi-clean, but i also use some dipes with synthetic materials. this stuff does wonders for synthetics. certainly wouldn't hurt cotton, just don't know if it would be worth tracking it down in this situation.

good luck!

i'll send you my my wash routine - i use lots of hemp, oc, ov and no stink. if i can smell ds's dipe in the morning then i haven't rinsed well enough...
At least for once it isn't a hemp stink issue :LOL
okay, turned water heater way up (gosh is that hot--i thought it was up but dh had played with it) and now have them soaking with baking soda-will report back.

next will try the soap and boiling.

will also get some sports wash/sensi clean for future.

susan--thanks for sending the routine. i appreciate any help.

i will prevail (mostly since i love these diapers).
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