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I dry pail & wash daily. I spray off all poopy diapers before putting into the machine.

Once/week I soak overnight in a borax/baking soda solution. I fill the washing machine with hot water & also add a large pot of boiling water off the stove to it.

Daily washes are just one hot cycle followed by one cold rinse.

I have primarily pocket diapers with just a few fitteds. All fitteds, inserts, and prefolds go out on the line overnight unless we're having a supply emergency which hopefully we're past now that I've purchased a few more. Lately they've been freezing pretty solid out there. (This does wear the fitteds a bit, but I won't keep it around if it smells anyways, so I figure it's a fair tradoff.) Pocket diapers only go on the line if the weather is mild; I haven't had any problems with them smelling & would imagine the freezing would be hard on the PUL.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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