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stinky hemp

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Whenever my daughter pees on her hemp it gets stinky real quick. Can anyone tell me why this would be happening? They have all been washed several times and they absorb just fine. Thanks!
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Ah, poor thing. The dreaded hemp stink. It's happened to, dare I say, all of us at one time or another. Everyone has done many different things to banish..I"ll tell you my fix!

Cold prewash w/ 1/2c baking soda and 1/2c vinegar in the rinse cycle. Extra rinse.
Hot wash w/ 1/2 oz. sensiclean (purchased at and an extra rinse.

I was having a bit of a problem w/ things not getting as fresh as I'd like them..and a hint of hemp stink awhile ago. Since I've been doing this everythings been coming out smelling like roses. Well, not really roses, but it doesn't make my eyes water anymore! :LOL IME, don't use Baking Soda w/o using vinegar or you could deal w/ rash problems. Vinegar in the rinse helps neutralize the pH level in the dipes!

ETA: I forgot to say..that first you will want to strip your diapers. I'd just put a few dipes in the wash on the hottest cycle w/ a mid-level amount of water. Keep doing this until you see no suds. The hemp stink is generally caused by detergent build-up. Do a search in this thread for "hemp stink" and "stripping" and you'll find lots of ideas!
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I've helped many folk with this in the past, so I finally wrote it up and threw it on our website: Washing Hemp Cloth Diapers


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