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Hi all!

I have a couple of those beautiful cashmere/wool BabeeGreens covers that I'm a little concerned I under-laundered (I'm fairly new to wool covers), and they now have this persistent stink to them that, no matter what I do to try to get rid of it. They are also leaking, no matter how many times I lanolize them.

So here are my questions:

1 - Have I just ruined these covers? Is it over for them?
2 - Perhaps I am lanolizing wrong - would someone mind sharing their method of lanolizing that works best for them?
3 - In my desperation to get out the stinks, I'm seriously considering trying bac-out on them. Has anyone done this and is it okay or will I destroy them for sure? (Bearing in the mind that since nothing else has worked so far, I'm not using them anyways so it might be worth risking their demise with this little experiment.)

That's it for now; I appreciate any help or insight anyone may have. And please feel free to give it to me straight; I can handle the truth if I've just grossly mistreated my wool and need to start over. It's learning process, after all... :)
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