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stippling a blanket

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how do you stipple? i don't have formal sewing machine experience, but i would like the stippling effect on the baby blankets i quilt. currently i just stitch in the ditch, but i love the stippling effect. how do i do this?

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I'm not sure what stippling is but I *think* you mean quilting (?). If that is the case you can freehand quilt with your machine by dropping the feed dogs and freehanding a pattern. You can also buy quilting machines (very expensive) or take it have it done by someone else (also pretty pricey).
You need to drop the feed dogs and put on a darning foot... You can purchase those aftermarket at quilt shops. then just get loosened up and roll! I practiced a lot... and then on my first stippled quilt I still had to rip out some and redo it... I find a glass of wine helps and some good music makes me relax. I think it is more about the relaxation factor- as soon as I stress I screw it up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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