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Stomach bug+ incontinence= drag out the pantyliners TMI

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DARN ME for not doing enough kegels! I have a stomach bug (I think- I can't seem to keep anything down and it feels much different than m/s). I pee before I have to barf. Still, somehow I squeeze some out.
What will I be like in the incontinence department when I am 8 months along???
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LOL. Sorry to say I've BTDT. I had a HORRIBLE stomach flu when I went into labor with DS#6. It was one of those can't figure out which end to point at the toilet flus. Anyhow, middle of the night, I was violently barfing and I thought my water had exploded out. Nope, it was urine. Because it was the middle of the night and I hadn't peed yet. Blegh! It was a horrible, horrible way to go into labor. 24 hours of puking an diarrhea followed by labor. I feel your pain.

I hope you are feeling better soon. The most important thing is to stay hydrated. If you can't keep down water, try licking a popsicle slowly. It might be just enough to keep you hydrated but not enough to make you puke. Also little (very little) sips of flat coke can help.
Even when not pregnant

I had Norovirus 6 months pregnant with DC#3 and when I woke up to puke I had to throw a towel under my butt if I knelt at the toilet because it was like a river!
Then in between #3 and #4 I had the flu or something and was puking for a few days, same thing--it was awful.
Some things Kegels can only help, not fix!
You'll be well eventually!
PS if you get too sick to function, Zofran rocks!
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