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stoneware bread pan

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Does anyone have one that they like? I have a Pampered Chef one and I HATE it...everything sticks to it, no matter how much I try to season it. The whole bottom 1/3 of my loafs seems to stick. Is there some trick to getting it to be non-stick? I love my stoneware cookie sheets and casserole dishes, but the bread pan just ticks me off every time I use it!
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I have one that I made myself and it works great. I am wondering is the pampered chef one glazed inside or is it just the clay? I bet that may be the readon its sticking if its unglazed.
I believe it is unglazed, but so are all my other Pampered Chef stuff, and they don't stick, so there's got to be more to it than that. The other stuff is well-seasoned, but the bread pan is very stubborn and won't season, even though I've made banana bread, meat loaf, greased it well, etc. Maybe I should try pouring some cream in it and baking it for a while to see if that helps!
I haven't had that problem with my Pampered Chef bread pan? And it's seasoned well? Hmmm, I don't know what it could be.
I borrow my mom's papmered chef one, and would really like my own! My best suggestion, if you wan tto keep the one you have is to cook something really greesy in it. I have a really good cookie recipie that has lots of butter in it, and it really seasons/seals my stone ware. Also cook meatloaf in it (don't use extra lean beef
). I would do this a few times and see if it helps.
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Hmmmm..... I bought a Pampered Chef Loaf pan at the thrift shop and I LOVE it so much that I just recently ordered another. I usually need two when I bake bread. It appeared to be well seasoned and I have never had a problem with it sticking at all. If all else fails, ask your Pampered Chef Rep. They may have some suggestions.
Unfortunately the meat I use for meatloaf is elk, so it is pretty dry. But I did have some cream that went bad on me, so I put that in the pan and baked it for a while...I haven't used the pan since but hopefully all the cream did a good job of seasoning it! I've coated it with olive oil in the past and that hasn't done anything, so I hope the cream works.
You could try lining the bottom with parchment paper before putting your recipe in the pan. You'll still get some seasoning, but you should be able to pull it right out when it's done. That's how I seasoned my PC muffin pans.
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