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Hi. I am an extended bf mom, but I'm just starting out again for the third time.
Anyway, this is a question for my sis who is tandem nursing a bit.

Her baby is 3 weeks old and her son is just over 2. He nursed yesterday for the first time since the baby has been born--twice, I believe. Now, today he has terribly runny stools.

What is your experience with toddler stool consistency while nursing "newborn" milk? My oldest son had terrible stools while tandem nursing, but his were always terrible [aside: his gut is all better now, finally at 5 yo--hurrah!!!!
], so I don't really know what's normal. I'd like to give her some info on this so that she knows how to approach this situation. The diarrhea kind of puts a damper on the whole potty learning issue, yk?

Any ideas?
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