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stopping breastfeeding at 1 week

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Our friend's daughter has stopped breastfeeding her babe who is 1 week young, her nipples were bleeding and she had engorgement which all resulted in her putting babe on formula. Does anyone have any advice on what can be done to get her back on track? I know from personal experience that breastfeeding is not always straightforward especially at start, I for one persevered through initial difficulties but did not have bleeding nipples and I really wanted to breastfeed. It seems such a shame for her to give up so soon,she's only 18 and she may not really want to persevere. Just wondering what would be a good way to encourage her rather than make her feel harrassed?
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I don't know how to encourage someone who doesn't want to. My nipples were bloody hamburger in the early weeks but I would have not considered formula or bottles as long as my babe was getting enough milk.

to you and your friend. Wish I had better advice.

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I dont know how close you are to this girl, but maybe you can offer to go over and help, correct a bad latch, kinda be an LC? Or bring her some lanolin and soothing pads to help her damaged skin. While you're tending to her, talk to her about the importance of bfing, and that enduring a week or two of discomfort is far easier than dealing with a baby who cant tolerate formula, is sick constantly with colds and ear infections, etc....and if she breastfeeds she doesnt have to be dependant on family, friends, or the government to make sure her baby has enough to eat. Encourage her and tell her that she CAN do this. Being so young, I doubt anyone is encouraging her much
Hopefully you are close to her and you'll be able to get through without offending. I really think taking an honest "I can help you, I care about you" approach will be effective.
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Thanks mama's for advice, unfortunately I am not close distance-wise and don't want to phone as I haven't seen her since she was at high school and can't say it in the card I'm posting,or can I? No I doubt she will be getting any encouragement to keep trying.Her mom passed on years ago unfortunately. I shall pass the advice on to her dad though and hope he can advise her as he is fully aware of benefits of bfing and really thrown off that she has gone ff.Also there will be the vax issue to worry bout next as not that many younger parents who choose to vax completely choose to research, I don't think. tho I'm sure some do. Since finding mdc I have started to realise the importance of supporting other moms with bfing and it is sad that formula is so popular.My babes were never unwell,due I'n convinced to bfing. Thats the worry, I had a young friend and her new babe staying with us years ago and she was ff and just constantly sick,I think the early stage is just something you may have to go through I know I was in agony for a while but it settles down once the pattern has emerged. Thanks again, Mary.
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Prehaps you could refer her to the LLL message boards??
that's a tough one - she's obviously at a very sensitive and difficult time. i guess you could ask her how she's feeling about switching to formula and if she sounds like what's done is done then personally i wouldn't be pushing it. but if she expresses some regrets, then you can give her the hint that there may still be things she can do. for instance i didn't realize until a couple years ago that women could exclusively pump! - certainly something she could try for a while until she feels like trying her at the breast again with more help!

further to momtoS's post, maybe giving her the phone number for an LLL leader local to her if she wants more support... help her find out about the local resources that are there for her...
Maybe send her a care package with lanolin and a good book on bf (I really liked The Womenly Art of BF from La Leche League). Include your contact info with a note saying to call anytime for any reason... You could also contact her local LLL to find out when they meet and include the Leader info & meeting times.

I think it's great that you are doing what you can to encourage another mom to bf. I think we need people like you!

I tried to help my DH's step sister but she's just a different type of mom
At least one of her son's got a coulpe of week of the good stuff.

Good luck!
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