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Stopping/redirecting using noise?

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OK, is this an appropriate strategy? My DD is 10 months, & if she picks up something off the floor she shouldn't eat, or starts to grab the curtain to yank on it, etc, I say "Aaanh" not a yell, but sort of a loud, cautionary noise - she'll usually let go of whatever it is, & I can physically move her or give her something else. "No! Leave it!" is reserved for things like electric cords.
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I can't say if it's appropriate or not...I use it though. I will say "Hey!" in a loudish voice or call her name, not in a harsh way, just to get her attention. It's certainly nicer than screeching or being "mean" about it. And I totally support saving "no" for more serious things. IMHO, it's fine.
I've found myself saying "whoa" to my neice. And just "ah..." It feels kind of passive agressive to me, but it does seem to give her a chance to cue in that something's not quite okay about what she's about to do. It's been about 50/50 on needing to follow up with physical redirection.

It's nice because I don't have to think about it, and isn't a total negative, just a "hey, you might want to pay attention, kiddo."
I used to say "uhhhhmmmmm..." and ds would stop and look at me. He knew that when I said that, I'd stop what he was doing, but would redirect him to something related that was equally satisfying, so it was never a bad thing.
I don't think there's anything "wrong" with it, per se, but it's not really providing information though, which is one of the ways she's going to learn why pulling on the curtain is something to avoid doing
At ten months, redirection and prevention are our best friends

Just my .02
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