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Stopping the madness???

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OK, so I've been decluttering this weekend, again. I feel like it's all I ever do! I just got rid of probably 150 children's books. Granted, I've never gotten rid of children's books in my 13 years of mothering but still.....I also freecycled a big bag of baby toys. The most frustrating thing is that we probably didn't buy any of the stuff and don't buy most of the stuff in our house. It's all gifts and such. My parents are forever spoiling our kids which I am grateful for but can't keep the stuff in my house! I need organization and as few things as possible. We homeschool so we have to have lots of educational things around that we use for schooling. Everything else is just junk, IMO. How do I stop this cycle of things coming in and going out by the drove?
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I discussed this with my DH recently as we decluttered our basement. We could not believe how much "stuff" was down there and sadly, realized we had bought very little of it nor had we used it.

We have decided to stop exchanging gifts with friends. Instead, we'll exhance gifts for the kids only. We are also going to suggest gift certificates, savings bonds, etc. when people ask for suggestions.
LOL until recently I really loved to collect stuff.
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