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For all you Moms that pump. I cannot believe I haven't read this anywhere before but there is at least one bag that claims they do not contain some of the nasty chemicals commonly found in plastic.<br><br>
Check out First Years. The plastic looks similar to what Medela uses. I thought Medela made some sort of claim about the type of plastic they use but at the time I tried them more than two years ago they closed with a twist tie and you were supposed to tear the plastic at the bottom to pour the milk out. Needless to say the twist tie seal was pretty ineffective.<br><br>
I have seen Medela bags since then and the design is better now, but I think it is a single, rather than a double, zip. I don't know if they claim not to contain those chemicals: Polyvinyls and Pthalates I think.<br><br>
I know this comes up occasionally when Moms are considering whether to use glass bottles rather than plastic bottles or bags so I'm kind of shocked that I haven't heard about this before.<br><br>
If anyone knows about any other chemicals that might still be in the plastic I'm sure some Moms would want to know that but given space constraints this is an attractive alternative for me, at about $1.00 more for a package of 25 they are only about $0.04 more per bag.<br><br>
Spread the word<br>
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