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Storing milk in the freezer

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I read about putting milk in plastic bags to freeze this just a regular freezer bag? We're building up a little "just in case" supply, but I want to make sure I'm doing it right. And, if I put milk in a bag to freeze, can I add pumped milk to that to freeze, or does each pumping need to be in a seperate bag?

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I do know you don't want to add fresh milk to frozen because you want to use your oldest milk first. I always add dates on mine. I use plastic milk bottles designed for the freezer, so I don't know about the bags.
I use the gerber breastmilk storage bags.
The only reason I use the bags is cause I have way too much milk to use trays that only hold 8 oz. I get about 60 oz a week cause I donate. I've got about 600oz in my freezer right now.
I store my milk in small canning jars. And i do sometimes add pumped milk to already frozen milk, but i refrigerate it thoroughly first (~5hrs), so that it won't melt the already frozen milk.

I haven't pumped in a long itme though, when i was doing this my milk supply wasn't as strong as it is now, i was only getting about .5-1 oz at a go, so i didn't want a million mainly empty jars in our small freezer. Now i can easily pump a full 2oz. portion to freeze.
I have about 800 oz of bm frozen in my mom's deep freeze that I'm about to donate to an adopting mom I met on MDC. I tried a variety of bags. The Medela absolutely SUCK!!! The First Years bags are also bad. I found the Gerber bags to be user friendly and decent quality, but my absolute favorite are the Lansinoh breast milk storage bags. I would definitely not recommend adding fresh milk (chilled or not) to frozen because it has a chance of thawing the already frozen milk. It is also not recommended by lactation consultants. You can check out for more information. Ignore their advertisement about their bags, though.
I agree that Lansinoh breast milk storage bags are the best! I've tried others and there have a double seal and are easy to close. I never add fresh milk to frozen.
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