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My preemie baby girl sometimes looks like she's a little bit cross-eyed and the pediatrician mentioned that perhaps she has strabismus. I had read online that most doctors dont worry about it till after 6 months of age because alot of times it resolves on its own, but my pediatrician disagreed and referred me to an opthamologist (she's almost 4 months right now). So I'm just wondering if anyone else had experience with being diagnosed with this and how it turned out? I've read that sometimes it just takes some vision exercises, sometimes baby glasses are prescribed and sometimes minor surgery is required to help the eye muscles.<br><br>
I guess the main concern is that if the baby's vision isnt what it should be, then the baby wont reach her milestones because she cant see very well. I also read that there are different strategies used depending on whether you use an opthamologist or an optometrist.<br><br>
Please tell me your Strabismus stories and let me know what worked for you.<br>
Also, if there are any SoCal eye-doctors you worked with that you liked, can you give me their names?<br><br>
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