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Strained muscles from BH?

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I think my abdominal muscles are slightly strained from the intense BHs I was having today. They finally went away but there's this muscle strained feeling.

The baby is really active today too and all in all it's pretty uncomfortable around the belly.

So I don't think I am looking for advice, just musing on how intensely and long the BHs made my stomach so hard and how much it seems to have exhausted my muscles.
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Boy, I cannot get these BHs to let up tonight. I am going to go to bed and get over it!
i agree

i feel sore -- like post sit up sore -- after a lot of BH .... I tell myself "well then you know the BG are working" as i limp around feeling likei just left teh gym for some insane work out

All I can say is i hope it helps -- OB keeps telling me "no lal-e-gagging this is NOT going to be another 33 hours labor" and i just smile and tell him I'd be happy with under 24.

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