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Straining bone broth and a quick funny

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Do you strain it through a sifter or do you strain it through cheese cloth? I strained it through a sifter and there are still tiny particles. Is this ok?

Ok here's the funny. Only other Mama's would get the humor in this.

I was taking the bones out of my broth to strain it. I guess I didn't have one of the bones as tightly as I thought and it dropped back in the pan and splashed all over me. (no this isn't the funny part
) I got it on my neck and a big chunk of carrot landed on my foot scalding it. I'm screaming and running to the sink to get it washed off. I lift my foot to wash it in the sink and promptly pee my pants

Just then my DD screams. Apparently, the dog ate the scalding hot carrot that I shook off my foot and it made her vomit - a lot. My DD stepped in it and skidded across the floor screaming as she goes. I rush her into the bathroom, strip my wet undies off
and get her feet and hands washed off.

So, I go back to the kitchen to try to get all the dog vomit cleaned up - a 90 lb lab can make a pretty big mess. So, I'm bent over trying to get the vomit and the phone rings - it's my dad. I'm talking to my dad, bent over, cleaning up vomit and all of the sudden my 4 yo comes up behind me, lifts my skirt and declares in a very loud voice "Mom!!! You're not wearing any panties!!!" Silence on the other end of the phone.........


So, my PSA for the day is to be VERY careful when taking the bones out of your stock. I thought my slotted spoon was big enough but clearly it wasn't and now I not only have large blisters on my neck and foot but, my DD saw me from an angle she probably could have gone her whole life without seeing and never missed it
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Oh my, mama!

I have had days like this in the kitchen. I was trying to encourage my 3 yo to eat more eggs today so I let him try and crack one in the bowl...eggs on me, the cabinet, the floor, counter, and him. But at least he did eat some in the end.
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Thanks for sharing that story - that was hilarious!!
I can totally see how a scenario like that can occur out of nowhere so quickly!!

As for the straining, I just use a mesh/wire collander. I don't mind a few bits, personally. They're super small. Maybe if I was making a super special dish, I might use cheese cloth, but even then, probably not. I am too frugal for that, I think!!
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Okay, I'm trying hard not to laugh because I bet that was really awful, but...
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LOL at your story, I could totally see that at my house!

With the bits, I put it through a strainer and usually there is some little bits in the bottom of the bowl that I kinda scrape off the cooled stock or if I make soup I just don't worry about it.
That's hilarious!! What an afternoon...I hope your stock came out reallllly really well to make up for it!

I use a double-mesh strainer on top of another strainer, so I get most of the bits out. There are still some superfine bits, which sink to the bottom of the bowl, so when I'm transferring the cooled stock into smaller containers I just pour that last bit with all the particles in it down the sink.
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Originally Posted by steph117 View Post
.I hope your stock came out reallllly really well to make up for it!
Well, it's not gelled at all. I let it cool to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator last night. This morning, I scraped off the fat layer but it's completely liquid underneath. It's ice cold and liquidy so I must have done something wrong???
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what kind of bone broth was it? there have been a lot of threads over the past two weeks or so on bone broth not gelling well!

for me, chicken stock doesn't tend to gel well no matter what i do, though lamb stock did, beautifully! see the other threads for ideas - i think i use too much water, generally. but it's still delicious, and i'm sure it's still good for us.
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I think I figured out the problem. I went back to the store for more bones today and they asked me if I wanted marrow bones or end (i'm assuming knuckle?) bones. I didn't realize there was a difference. I used knuckle bones last time and those suckers were HUGE but didn't have much marrow. This time I bought marrow bones. So maybe the difference in bones is the problem?
OMG, what a story, too funny!

I have the same 'particle' issue, so I'm thinking of lining my strainer with a coffee filter next time.
What a story! I can't stop

I don't worry about the little particles. I've gotten them in every stock I've ever made. I figure as long as I'm straining the bones and the bits off veggies/spices out, the stock is pure enough.
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