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My son had his first antibiotic recently at 23 months of age for strep throat. I weighed my decision heavily whether to give the antibiotic or treat the whole body.<br><br>
For my son's entire solid-food duration, he's been comparably a pretty light eater. He's tall and lean (so are we), and hasn't gained weight in probably 8 months, but has grown 2 inches and is boundless with concern what so ever with his food quantity. He gets raw milk and "every calorie counts". But he's pretty picky, pasta and butter is sometimes his "meal".<br><br>
Since his antibiotic, exactly two weeks now, his appetite has tripled. He's willing to eat veggies now (presuming there is dip), will eat just about anything I make, has the focus to sit longer and eat more, and usually will snack on what ever he doesn't finish during a meal. His whole diet was based on healthful snacks just because he eats so little at a time usually. Could this be a coincidence, the antibiotic and the seemingly sustaining appetite coinciding? Why would that be? I'm delighted of course that he's eating so much more, and more variety.<br><br>
Also, no notable difference with his poop (suggesting a change in his digestive capabiliites)
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