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Strange BF Issue

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Please help.
Thankfully my one month old nurses very well and everything is going great in the actual mechanics of nursing.
My problem is that as soon as she latches on I get a horrible craving for cigarettes. Each and every time. Does this sound crazy? I am an ex-smoker, but, I don't think about them at other times.
I assume this has to do with the hormone that is released when I am nursing.
Has anyone experienced this?
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It's probably because when you used to smoke, it relaxed you and you associated that feeling with smoking. Now, the hormones released during breastfeeding relax you and you're still associating that feeling with smoking. You'll probably get over it as you get used to associating that relaxation with breastfeeding.

By the way,
not only for breastfeeding, but for quitting smoking!
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Have something next to you to drink/sip when nursing to help overcome the craving.
is there a particular snack or drink that you think of as an indulgence that is just yummy to you? strawberries, avocado, a particular cheese? keep it on hand and make it your nursing snack. you will learn to associate the good, relaxed feelings with the nursing and with eating this favorite treat.
Have you checked your iron levels? When I was pregnant and became aenemic, I desperately craved cigarettes. As soon as I got my iron levels back on track, the cravings immediately disappeared (plus, my cravings to chew on ice all the time).
That is so interesting that you said that charmcitymama....
In the first couple of months whenever dd would latch on, I'd have this overwhelming sense of CRAVING but I have no idea what I was craving. Does that make any sense? It would just whoosh right over me and it was the strangest thing because I had no idea what to do with it.
I wonder how many other mamas experience this??
FWIW, it went away within the first month or two.
Good luck!!
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