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Strange "chopped spinach" poop in newborn

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Hi -- my babe is 5 days old (born at 36 weeks), suffering from pretty severe jaundice (we're putting a bili-blanket on him), and the last 2 nights he has had the strangest poop -- it literally looks like pureed or finely chopped cooked spinach, and seems pretty liquidy. I'm wondering if it's related to the jaundice, or if he could have some allergy to something I'm eating? I know it's not normal poop - he had a couple of those after the meconium and before this weird spinach poop started.

Anyone have any insight?

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I would try

i think he has a link about normal types of poo in babies. If it helps, my daughter has all sorts of colors in her poo, maybe this is a little of the meconium left over?
yeah...I think it might be the bilirubin coming out...but I am unsure...I kind of remember something about that with my first...but that was over 15 years ago...I know it was green...but spinach like...I can't remember.

Also...too much formilk will make for green poo and so will a virus
My DD had jaudice and was also on the glow-worm light blanket and we were told the green spinach poo is a sign that she was passing the bilirubin. Don't worry.
My son (who didn't have jaundice) has green poop just like that every now and again. I researched it and spoke with my pediatrician and I found that babies can have all sorts of strange colors and textures of poop (including green) especially if you are breastfeeding. But as long as they aren't running a fever and have about 4 wet diapers a day, then everything is fine.

Yep, my pediatrician said some doctors will tell you that green poop means not enough hindmilk... but that it's really just normal and it doesn't mean anything.
If it persists or is accompanied by discomfort, gassiness, vomiting, etc. I would worry, but not otherwise.
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