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I have strange leaks with a knitted wool cover. It only seems to leak sometimes, I can't figure out exactly when. At first I thought it was only with certain diapers, but it seems to happen sometimes when I'm holding ds. It's a thick wool cover (Popolini) and nobody I know has had any problems with leaks. This seems to come right through the cover (new, not washed) between ds's legs. If he pees, the front of the diaper higher up can be quite wet, but not so wet that I'd change it and yet it seems to soak the clothes just between his legs.<br><br>
Anyone have this problem? One friend says she didn't understand she was supposed to use a diaper as well as the cover and she didn't have any leaks so it's obviously a good cover. There's no obvious fault in the cover itself.<br><br>
Any ideas would be welcome.<br><br>
Thanks a lot,
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