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Strange menstrual problem

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I hope that I can find some suggestions here, I am getting desperate! I know that women who work or live together may often end up on the same cycle, but I am experiencing something much stronger!! I work with this one woman who causes me to start whenever she does - I am on the pill, so I would expect that this wouldn't happen to me EVERY time, but it does! She is also on the pill, but she isn't as faithful as I am
, so she will skip a few days by accident, and suddenly I am having my full cycle right in the middle of my month! Because of her irregularity in taking her pills, I can end up with 1-2 cycles per month! This is really driving me crazy, as my cycles are very heavy, painful and exhausting - does anyone have any advice?!
BTW neither of us can leave, and we are in offices as far apart as the building will let us - that is part of why I just don't understand!!!

Thank you!
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Hmmm. Have you intertained the idea that your heavy weird cycles could be due to something else? I know that they could be the result of several things (including this woman), but the one I'm thinking of is hypothyroidism. When I was hypothyroid, my cycles were long, heavy, lasted longer than 7 days, and also came more often than once a cycle.

A few other conditions with heavy periods are PCOS and endometriosis. I don't know a lot about either, but I'm sure some other women here do.

Hope you can get this figured out!
I've been told that fibroids can lead to heavy bleeding too, though I don't recall irregularity of cycle being associated with those...
When I had mid-cycle bleeding while on the pill, it was because of ovarian cysts.

Painful menstruation is NOT NORMAL! Please talk to your doctor about it, and if s/he doesn't take you seriously or tells you it's no big deal, fire that doctor and find a new one.
Thank you ladies for your advice - unfortunately, I have had my thyroid checked, and I don't have fibroids or cysts....I have struggled with the heavy cycles all my life, and I do much better when I am on the pill, just never experienced the break through bleeding like this before. Right now I am receiving treatment through the VA, and as you can imagine, even though my PCP is terrible, I have no options - I did manage to "sneek" in and see the OB/GYN and she has been helping a lot, but there still seems to be no way to make the cycles any better. My co-worker just seems to have this odd effect on my cycle!! We have worked together for almost a year now, and whenever one of us is on vacation while she is having her cycle, I am fine - just not when we are both working!

Thank you again for your replies so far!
Can you remind her daily to take her pills at work? I know it's an odd suggestion but if you are sure this is the problem then it's worth asking to save yourself some pain.
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