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I have a spot on the back of my thigh that swells and itches without any known cause. It happens about once a month. It is always the same location. It has been occurring for about 6 months. It only lasts about 30 minutes and then the swelling and itching is gone.

A few years ago this happened with a spot on my stomach. The area that this occurred on my belly had been an area that I was bit by a tick. I did have what I considered a bullseye rash after the tick bite. The dr said it wasn't. I asked for the antibiotics anyway. He gave we 3 weeks of antibiotics. And then several months later the area started doing this swell and itch for about 30 minutes once a month thing.

Any ideas? I'm hesitant to go to the dr as I will not have anything to show him and I haven't found a dr that believes what you say without seeing it for their own eyes.
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