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That is a very generous offer. But it comes with a lot of strings attached from both sides. I'm just going to throw a few things out there for you to consider.

Could they afford the IVF again, even if it is you that would carry the babies?

How would you feel if they shelled out the money for you to surrogate, and none of the embryos took. Would that interfere with your relationship knowing they had put out the money and the hope (their eggs in your basket, so to speak) but no pregnancy resulted?

If a pregnancy did result, could you deal with the possiblity of multiples and all it would do to your body. Think about this carefully since you are still contemplating another child. Your carrying a child or children for them could definitely affect your ability to carry another child for yourself. If something happened and after this pregnancy you were unable to have more children would you feel resentful?

Have you considered how this pregancy would affect your family, especially if you were carrying multiples and had complications. What if you had to be hospitalized for a lengthy period, or were on extended bedrest?

I must admit that I have concerns about her smoking. I have a hard time when a mother carrying triplets doesn't take her health and the health of her babies seriously enough to quit smoking. That bothers me, though she is probably a wonderful woman.

If you decide this is something you want to offer, I think that an email isn't the wa to do it. In this situation, personal is better. Even if she declines, I'm sure she will be touched and honored that you offered.

Good luck, and I hope it all works out for all of you.
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