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Actually I don't even know if it's really a rash. Sara has these strange sores on her thighs, almost like her diaper was on way to tight and left on for a really long time. Of course its neither of those because I change her every hour or 2 and the area where there are marks is not where the elastic is? I'm so stumped. She's asleep right now and I forgot to take pictures so maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Maybe its the serging that's rubbing? I don't think it's the wool because it isn't all over. They almost look like bruises?

Maybe I should just use prefolds for a few days and see if that clears up, if it's the serging thats rubbing then it would go away during that time.

If it is the serging, who else makes diapers that are either T&T or have binding like Elbees?
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