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Strange toddler eating "rules" & habits

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Just curious what funny/strange food rules your toddler has made.

DS 21.5 months has a few

- He won't drink juice, milk (aside from B/M from the tap) smoothies, or any other liquid except water.......and fermented salty cod, cod liver oil!!
- soups/stews are only edible if there is broccoli in it
- cookies are nothing to get excited about (we only serve homemade ones)
- blueberries must be frozen in order to eat them, if they start to melt and get squishy....forget it

If food is served on his plate, he must take of certain items and place them on the his tray...they can't be eaten directly off the plate apparently.

Okay well maybe they aren't that strange for a toddler, but they are things I giggle at
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Egg noodles must be taken out of a bowl, put on the table and then put back in a bowl.

Cereal must be eaten one piece at a time.
sandwiches must be taken apart entirely and each ingredient eaten separately...but don't try to present it that way, toddler must take it apart herself. The same goes for quesadillas.
AAAARGH, the food frustrations around here! Peas must accompany all courses (including yogurt, applesauce, etc).

That is, when he eats... he's been on a food strike lately.
Mine are older now, but the youngest would not sit down at the table for a meal when he was 2, only for a snack. So we called all meals `snacks' and still do, half the time.

He also ate cereal out of the bowl of milk with his left hand, but HAD to hold a spoon in his right while doing it.
When my 13 yowas a toddler he announced at a restaurantin his loudest voice that he would not eat grilled cheese. Only Boy Cheese. This continued for years.
DS 21 months, has decided that he will only eat an apple off a chopstick shoved through it's center. I have a feeling he is going to love the state fair this year
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