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I'm not a formal part of this group, but spreading the word... PM me if you want contact info. Could be a lot of fun, especially for kids...<br><br>
We're eagerly looking for volunteers to help out with the construction of the Kensington Kids Cottage over the next couple weeks (October 3rd - 12th) . We need to finish up before the cold weather comes!<br><br>
We'll be doing strawbale/plastering, making compressed earth blocks, and building a wall with those blocks. We'll be working Tuesday-Thursday, 10am - 4 pm (rain or shine, since we have overhead tarps to keep you dry.)<br><br>
The project is located at the Farm at the Kensington Metropark (south of Milford Michigan). If you call 24 hours in advance and leave a message that you are coming, that would be great, as we could contact you in case of any unforseen changes in the schedule.
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