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The strawberry seeds I ordered from the place in the other thread on Monday have arrived. Now what? They are very very very tiny. Do I start them like regular seeds? Indoors, outdoors? Since I have several thousand would it be reasonable to try sowing a few randomly and seeing if they take off as a wild crop?

Eep! I hadn't thought they'd be just like the seeds on strawberries for some reason. Sooo tiny, soooo many of them, now what?!?
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I'm not very experienced, but what I can tell from my book, I'd say that you need to start the seeds - not direct seed them. However that may totally depend on the variety. Does it say anything on the package?
I have had GREAT luck with buying strawbewries as bare root plants. A big advantage of this is strawberries the FIRST year! Available locally, usually 25 plants for $10 or less. I get best results with full sun and rich soil. Weed frequently and watch out or yard critters eating your crop! I like to plant a couple of different types, to spread out the season.

If you are concerned about organic, here is a source:

I have never grown strawberries from seed, but with the tiny seeds I expect you will need to be patient!
I did a quick Google(tm) search and found that alpine's produce in the first year. So I went ahead and started them indoors in the same way I started my cucumbers (out in the garden now) and carrots (not quite large enough yet). While alpines will work in the sfg, I'm planning to do containers so I can control drainage. I'm hoping they take awhile to sprout and be ready for transplanting because I've got a billion other things I'm doing and probably won't have the containers ready for awhile.
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