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strawberry jam?

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Hi everyone!
It's strawberry season here in Western New York, and I am dying to try my hand at making some strawberry jam. Does anyone have any recipes, tips, experiences to share? I've never canned anything--will I have to boil the jars and lids before canning, and then boil the finished jam in the jars as well? Do I need to use a pectin addition (sure jell), or can I just cook strawberries and sugar?
My family will thank you for all your ideas!!
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My mom makes strawberry freezer jam every year, and while I don't have her recipe handy you could Google for one. She does hers in canning jars, old jam jars, and even Gladware containers, so it's not necessary to go through the whole canning routine if you have freezer space. And I know that Sure-Jell is necessary. If you just use sugar and berries it won't, well, "jell" -- so you'll just have sweet strawberry sauce.

HTH! Good luck. Where in Western NY are you? We're in Rochester and loving strawberry season!

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