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Strawberry Plants in the winter?

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Hi everyone,
Just a question about strawberry plants. I have a few that I transplanted from a friend's garden to be in my community garden plot this summer. It was the plant's second summer so they actually produced a few strawberries- very exciting! Now it is almost time for us to clear our community plot... what to do with the strawberry plants? Should I plant them in planters and bring them inside for the winter? Or leave them in planters outside on my deck with hay/mulch covering them? I know they need to be protected over the winter but is it ok for them to be inside?
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Just throw mulch over them if you want. Definitely do not dig them up. You'll disturb the root system that has built up.

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\Now it is almost time for us to clear our community plot...
So you can't grow there next year? If you move them, you won't get strawberries about 2 more years. If you think you may have to be transient for a while, I would try a big strawberry pot, or one of those hanging bags.

Otherwise, just pile on the leaves!
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Thanks for the responses! So... if I dig up the strawberries they aren't going to grow again for a couple years? We are not going to garden in this plot next year (our plan is, fingers crossed, to have our own space cleared for gardening by next summer). I'm thinking it would be a good idea to put them in a container... but do I leave this container inside or outside over the winter?
Thanks again!
How cold is the winter where you are? Strawberries can withstand some snow.
I live in Vermont... winter in pretty cold

Strawberries can withstand snow? Constant every day snow?
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I'm on the edge of Lake Michigan and my strawberries are out all winter (zone 5). Can you dig them up with as much soil as possible and find a spot in your yard to stick them? Our strawberries are in a flower garden and they're fine - just find somewhere more permanent for them even if it's not in your eventual food garden area?
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