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Hey mamas.

Wednesday I woke up feeling achey and feverish. Accompanied by fatigue, and congestation. Wednesday evening I took 2 tylenol and started to feel better. Thursday morning I woke feeling much better(almost back to normal) excpet still very congested.

This morning (Friday) I woke up with a sore throat, fever and chills, major fatigue...

I looked inside my mouth in the early afternoon and noticed a small growth on the top of my right tonsil(the one that hurts- duh) and just didn't think much of it. It was larger than a pin head, but smaller than a pencil eraser. About an hour ago I checked again and it is now the size of the top of my pinky!!! It has a white head and it just nasatay! The inside of my mouth is now covered in a warm cozy layer of white. Thrush anyone? :LOL

So I called my doc who is not on call and get her on call guy- grr... He says it sounds like strep and says he'll call in a script for antibiotics. Ok, that's fine...

So..stupid me forgets to ask if it is safe while nursing, so now of course I have to run here to find out. Of course the insert will say no its not safe, but that is just for CYA purposes most times.

I would be forever grateful, if after I get the antibiotic, and list it here, if anyone could help me out. I am in severe pain, with buckets of saliva in my mouth for fear of swallowing and the ensuing pain..whine whine whine...

Ok, x-posting this in EBF.

Thanks mamas.
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