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Strep Throat ?'s

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Hey mamas.

Wednesday I woke up feeling achey and feverish. Accompanied by fatigue, and congestation. Wednesday evening I took 2 tylenol and started to feel better. Thursday morning I woke feeling much better(almost back to normal) excpet still very congested.

This morning (Friday) I woke up with a sore throat, fever and chills, major fatigue...

I looked inside my mouth in the early afternoon and noticed a small growth on the top of my right tonsil(the one that hurts- duh) and just didn't think much of it. It was larger than a pin head, but smaller than a pencil eraser. About an hour ago I checked again and it is now the size of the top of my pinky!!! It has a white head and it just nasatay! The inside of my mouth is now covered in a warm cozy layer of white. Thrush anyone? :LOL

So I called my doc who is not on call and get her on call guy- grr... He says it sounds like strep and says he'll call in a script for antibiotics. Ok, that's fine...

So..stupid me forgets to ask if it is safe while nursing, so now of course I have to run here to find out. Of course the insert will say no its not safe, but that is just for CYA purposes most times.

I would be forever grateful, if after I get the antibiotic, and list it here, if anyone could help me out. I am in severe pain, with buckets of saliva in my mouth for fear of swallowing and the ensuing pain..whine whine whine...

Ok, x-posting this in EBF.

Thanks mamas.
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Ask the pharmacist when you pick up the Rx. If you don't get an answer from him, post it and I can help you look it up (my drug book only lists pregnancy category which won't help).

Until then, warm salt water gargles can be helpful
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I don't know if you'd be interested, but I was recently reading about grapefruit seed extract and learned that it is effective in killing strep (among it's myriad other uses). I think you are supposed to gargle and then swallow the GSE diluted in water. It may be something worth looking into since it is all natural and doesn't have any of the bad effects of antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon.
Thanks for the replies mamas. I haven't found any other info excecpt for what the insert says "that it is unknown if the antibiotic tranfersto breastmilk.

The antibiotic is Zithromaz or Azithromycin.
Per Thomas Hale's Medications and Mother's Milk, Zithromax is not contra-indicated during breastfeeding
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Awesome! Thank you JM!!

I haven't taken the antibiotic yet, but have taken 2 tylenol and sucking on cough drops, and that has been working great.
PD, i put this link in bfing, i guess you didn't check:

I also said, if you had sudden onset, fever, and right sided symptoms, (ie throat sore on right side), you may want to try homeopathic remedy belladonna.
Thanks Daryl, I'm sorry I missed your link

You have described my symtpoms exactly.

The soreness lessened after I took the tylenol, and is nearly non-existent this morning.

I would still like to get the Belladonna. Can I get that at GNC?
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