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I suspect that I have had strep throat for about 3 weeks.

I have white spots on the back of my throat(that come and go), am exhauseted, have chills, sore throat (obviously).
Last week the doctor thought that it was probably a virus - she didn't swab for anything.

I am going back this afternoon as I am not feeling any better, possibly worse.
Is it possible to fight strep without antibiotics? Just wondering so as to be prepared in advance.

What do you know about strep? What else could this be?


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in my experience, it is possible, but not probable if you've had it so long. here's what you could try:

eat loads of raw garlic-at least 5 cloves a day at this point
gargle with salt water every 2 hours
drink a ton of water
vitamin C
consume anything you would to enhance immunity

its probably still smart to get the culture
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