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Well, I was stressed for dd's first trimester, and she is cute and a joy. My superstition is that stress might help mold the personality of your baby- but we need all personalites in this world! DD is higher energy than any of my family were at her age. Anecdotally, women I know who have worked high stress jos or had high stress/ high intervention pregnancies have all delivered before term. But that's just anecdotal, not scientific. And all their babies are fine. I think it's important to remember during pregnancy that some of it is stress, and some is hormonal exacerbation of the stress. Everytime I stress out, I try to remember that. I'm sure it adds stress to stress having dealt with multiple pregnancy losses. Instead of focusing on what you cannot control- all the stress- focus on what you can control. I keep powdered green superfood around for when my diet isn't the best. You can drink chamomile and lavendar tea every day- I used to do so by candlelight. You can purchase and use Rescue Remedy. Look into homeopathy- don't know much about it, but I find that it takes the edge off. There are many herbal tinctures you can take while pregnant. I take skullcap for stress headaches, it helps. Check out for discussion and hints in their archives. Massage would be wonderful help, if you can afford it.
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