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I'm in a stressful job that I'm leaving now. On Sunday, I felt really dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded, etc. Dh took me to the ER after work, and my bp was 105/73. It's always 120/80. They did a pg test (neg), tested my hemoglobin level (12.8), and blood sugar (83). They basically said they don't know why it's that low. I didn't skip any meals, but didn't eat that much, and I wasn't dehydrated (2L of water at 2pm). I've heard of stress causing high bp, but can it also cause low bp? This is starting to worry me.

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These things can raise your pressure:

talking during the reading
not having back support during the reading
having your feet dangle during the reading
not having your arm supported
too small of a cuff
over inflation of the bladder in the cuff

So, if any of these things are usually occuring during your previous regular readings and they didn't at your most recent, that could explain.

Basically to get the most accurate reading you should be sitting in a chair with your back supported, with your feet on the ground (not hanging like they do on an exam table), the correct size cuff ( too big of a cuff shows as low pressure), being silent as she takes your pressure and the cuff should not be painful when inflated. If it is it's overinflated.
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