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strike? weaning? what is going on here?

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It has been 24 hours and my 17 month old has not been her usual nursing self. She will latch on for maybe 10 seconds but not suckle. Or she will suck very lightly so that little to no milk comes out. She asks to nurse, but when I lift my shirt she acts as if she doesn't know how.

If someone whould have asked me 3 days ago, I would have sworn up and down I'd still be nursing her at the age of 5, but now I am not so sure she will even make it another week.

She has all of her teeth (besides 2 year molars) and has never had a problem when any of them were coming through. I managed to pump an oz today after feeling engorged, but it took many hours of not nursing before I felt that way and Dylan usually nurses every 3 hours. She drank the milk out of a glass.

After she fell asleep, she latched and sucked while asleep, but it just ddin't seem like an effective suck.

Is 17 mos too old for a nursing strike? Is she weaning? If so it seams awfully premature espessially taking into consideration that she is usually such an ardent breastfeeder. Also, I don't feel that engorged. Now I am afraid that my milk may have been drying up on its own sometime before all of this
I just don't know why.

Please help. I don't think she is ready to wean, despite whatever she is doing right now. She doesn't like to drink from cups that much and she eats very little solid foods, and that hasn't changed at all since this little episode started.

Maybe this would have been better in Overcoming Difficulties, so feel free to move it, but since she is 17 mos, I thought ssomeone here might have more experiance.
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She could be getting her 2 year molars early. Is she going through any developmental changes? Talking more, doing something new gross motor-wise? Since it's only been one day it's hard to say. Just keep offering it. It hasn't been long enough for her to forget how to suckle so that makes me really think it's teething since she's afraid to suck too much, kwim? Good luck. Keep us posted.
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thanks I will
She went down last night with out nursing. She would lift my shirt, say "Nuse, peez." and then, instead of latching on just kiss my breasts and cry. After snuggling she fell asleep and when she woke later in the night I latched her on in the side-lying postion.

Then this mornign she woke up and did the same thing, becomming distraught because she wouldn't (or couldn't) nurse. I felt the way back of her gums and she said, "Mouth, boo-boo" so, I guess it is her 2 yr molars afterall.

She has been on Hylands teething tabs and doing fine all day, and just pleasantly nursed to sleep in my arms here in front of the computer!
Great news! It's sad when they want to nurse but can't because it hurts their teeth.

This is too cute!


Originally Posted by Gr8flmom
"Nuse, peez."
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