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Strong BH, 30% effaced. What's this mean?

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Last Friday I had about 9 hrs of good BH, almost continuously. Called the MWs who told me to take liquid Cal/Mag, which did the trick. None since then. I had my 32 wk appt Monday and they wanted to do an internal. I've never had an internal while pregnant so I didn't know what to expect. They said I'm closed tight and 30% effaced. They seemed unconcerned. But I don't really know what 30% effaced means (and it was a chaotic day at the birth center--2 mamas in labor and everyone had spring fever as it was the first 60+ degree day so I didn't really get a chance to ask).

Anyone with experience with this? I've still got 8 weeks to go so I'm not looking for any cervical action yet!
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Lots of BHs can also be caused by mild dehydration or overdoing things. Make sure you're drinking lots! Cervical effacement means the cervix is thinning but not necessarily dilating. This is a picture of cervical effacement. I wouldn't worry about it too much as your cervix may already have thickened again.
Thanks! That's what I thought. I just hope it doesn't do this anymore! I am downing the water like it's going out of style, and I feel fine now. Maybe I just needed a reminder that I need to wrap up my work responsibilities pronto so I can rest and hang out quietly at home.
Even if you were dilating a bit, it's probably not a big deal. I know plenty of women who were dilated a centimeter or two (or three) for weeks and weeks before labor.
Yes, and really I do know this. It's part of why no one checked me last pg, and why I've refused all internals up 'till now. I think I'm just getting a wee bit obsessed now that things are getting closer...
I would be one of those that dialate early!

I am 33 weeks, dialated <almost> to 4 and thinning! Last pregnancy I was dialated to 5 at 34 weeks! I still went full term!

BH basically let your body *practice* labor. My body does ALOT of this, very early on. If your MW were not concerned then you needn't be. Just drink lots of fluids (can't say this enough) because dehydration can cause BH.

Also, I have VERY quick labors and basically it is because my body does all the work ahead of time. SO, if you are dialating then think of all the work already done when you DO go into labor!

I never had any BH with my first, so when it came to my 2nd I was very concerned too. I went up to 2 days before my due date and had a whopping 3 hour labor (total start to finish).
I hope you're this lucky too!!
Wow! That is quick. My first labor was pretty short for a first. Show at 8:30 PM, water broke at 10 PM, started pushing at 7 AM, and the labor in the middle of the night was pretty easy, only transition was rough. I've been trying not to count on anything since I know baby's position can affect how long you labor, but I think no matter what, once I know it's the real thing we'll head for the birth center.

Thanks for calming all my concerns!
I'm actually quite glad there was never a reason for my OB to check my cervix before 36 weeks with my first pg (I was 3cm then)... I hate to imagine that I might have been put on bedrest or sent into a mental panic when my body was just gearing up.

I walked around 4cm and 90% effaced from at least 37 weeks until ds was born at 39+6 so it can be done!
I loved my short, easy 4 hour labor!

I'm dialated at least a bit now (fingertip maybe? I dunno) and I can tell my cervix is soooo very mushy that I didn't recognize it at first
. I'm listening to my body and drinking lots of water and anytime I notice more bh than usual I rest.
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