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strong, but not regular contractions

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I'm 41 weeks today. Last night I started having stronger contractions than what i'm use to, about 7 minutes apart. I got some sleep, and this morning they have been even stronger, and for a while were about 10 minutes apart, but now they have no regularity to them. I've been having prelabor for the past month, and these contractions are definitely different because they are quite uncomfortable and I have to work on relaxing through them.
I am about 4cm, 80% effaced, if that makes any difference...
So is this at all normal? I mean, I know everyone's labors are different, but I was really hoping that today or tomorrow would be "the day" i just setting myself up for dissapointment?
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I have read birth stories where the woman never had regular contractions and suddenly hit transition to her suprise. You could definately be in active labor.
Good luck and I hope you are holding that baby soon.
yayayay! I have a client who is doing the exact same thing this morning! I'll imagine I'll come back from her birth tonight and see a post from you about yours!
I'm getting excited! They're closer together now, but I did some nipple stimulation so maybe that's why--averaging about 6 minutes apart but are still not super regular...
When should I call my midwife? Probably when they're 4 min apart and i'm working hard through them? I'm kind of worried about things moving really quickly...
Now they're 10 minutes apart, very regular! We'll see if it lasts...
Still can't decide when to call my midwife. I was 4 cm yesterday, so i guess i've already done the work that early labor if this is active, what if I move into transition before I get to the birthing center? But, it's still 10 minutes apart, nothing much can happen then...
Mamaley -- You're in my thoughts! Sending you peaceful labor vibes. I hope this is it! Sounds like it to me!

May you soon be holding your sweet babe in your arms! Peace, peace, peace! YAY!
Mine didn't seem to be regular until the end. I hope it is this for you! I'll be thinking about you.
My client had her baby and I'm wondering about you. With my client, turns out her babe was posterior, but mama did lots of things to help her turn - baby rotated to anterior, then labor kicked in fast and furious. But, pushing took longer than with her first and guess what? That little baby emerged posterior - face right up at her mama!

I'm hoping that you're snuggling with your wee one, or at least getting enough rest and love that you're able to feel good about waiting...
I gave birth yesterday!!!
I posted my birth story on the equinox mamas thread--I'll go put it in the birth stories forum.
Pamamidwife, my babe was posterior too, it turns out--I don't think she was completely posterior, but turned some--my mw explained it, but I was off in babymoon and didn't quite grasp it
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YAY!! I've been watching for your announcement!!
Ha ha!!!!!

To think, I opened this thread to reply:

GET READY, baby's on the way!

Congratulations...and how sweet to spend your babymoon with us!
Off to read your story...
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Oh, Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful news. Wish I could fast forward to 40 ish weeks....
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