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Struggling.. anyone else?

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I need that bag here I think. I am struggling so much to gentle discipline. I am failing though too, at times. I find it hard and I sometimes flip and yell and swat (ugghh.. shame). I feel a bit like I turn into my parents at these moments. This is not what I want to be and not what I believe is right. I'm so flipping mad at myself for ever starting the spanking thing. It is like a dam broke and now I can't patch it up very easily. I'm trying to figure out how to move forward and stop the hurt that this is causing...

Anyone want to be my buddy? LOL


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Hey, Rebecca, I hear you. I'm rushing now, but have you read Kid Cooperation by Elizabeth Pantley? My DH and I have found that her suggested skills really work. Best parenting book I've read. My esteem as a parent has risen, and my DD shows her appreciation for my parenting finesse!

Sending you good vibes so you can move out of your rut and be the parent you want to be
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I don't post here muuch, I mainly lurk because I feel like I learn so much from everyone here. I just wanted to give you a big hug and tell you that in my experience, being AWARE of the issue is half of the battle. I know what you mean about "the dam breaking"... that is why I have tried to NEVER hit.,.. so far, I'm good with that, but the yelling thing... oy vey!! I need help!!!

I find that I try to keep myself honest with my kids. If I yell, I apologize and explain that yelling isn't the best way to communicate... I feel terrible because ds 4 y.o. yells now... and uses my EXACT INTONATION... yikes!! Talk about feeling like *#&%(#&!!!!!

Every day is a new day. A new beginning. Try not to beat yourself up... give yourself a break and you might find yourself giving your kids a break as well

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