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Student Mama Triumph!!!

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In addition to the grant funding I get because I'm going to teach EBD kids, I just found out this morning that my university is giving me $2400/quarter because I am a single parent with no income.

This means NO LOANS AT ALL next year!

I am so happy. I can't believe it.
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Whooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That must feel so good!

I am only slightly if you told me your application for financial aid did not take you almost a week to fill out with numerous faxes to the school and an average of 10 phone calls a day I might get really really jealous (I swear I filled out everything exactly like I was told and I still had to do that!)
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congratulations! that is so exciting!

it great that the little things make us happy!
wow that is the coolest thing. congratulations!!! i know how hard that is. the forms are so confusing. congratulations again maybe ill ask you how to do it next time.
Hey Brussel, before you get too jealous, I will share that my current student loan amount is $42,000.00 (the last 2 years of grad school plus 10K for undergrad)

So....the free money is a big help, as the last thing I want to do is pile on more to those loans.
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Way to go!!!

<-I am jumping with joy for you!!!!

That is really super!
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my law school gives me $200 per semester.

totally happy for you, tho!
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and chaos pie is beth! don't let the eliz fool you. she's incognito.
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That is awesome!!
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Way to go...that rocks! I remember very vividly my "fight" for financial aid and that was before I was a single mommy!!!

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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Every little bit of help counts, and it looks like the university put in for you in a big way.

Have a great year!

kick ass!!!! that's so wonderful, mama! congratulations
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