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Student Mommies: When do you do homework?

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I have a 7wk old, and I'm not attending any classes or working until next month, but I still have quite a few assignments to turn in from the Spring semester (babe was born 2 weeks before finals).

Whenever I'm not with [holding] the baby I feel like I need to do housework - but I totally need to turn in these assignments!

What do you do?

*I can use the computer one handed (MDC while nursing lol) but don't know how to balance the computer, baby, and a textbook/notes?
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I stopped doing housework a long time ago. Just no time for it anymore. But then again I do work full-time out of the house AND go to school in the evenings. Study time is weekends while DD is napping and every day once she's in bed. This often means I don't go to bed until 1am or later, unfortunately. When she was brand-new I was able to study while she was nursing or while I was holding her. But now that she's 2, there's no way to really study when she's awake.
I write papers/ do assignments after everyone is asleep & do housework while the boys are in the shower/bath

& like crazy diamond, I don't sleep until 1 am most nights
I do homework and assignments during breaks at work and school and late at night when I can't sleep. I have started taking online classes which has been great because I devote an hour here or there when I can and I figure its still better then being away from my family for 4 hours 2 nights a week. Even if I have to turn on the TV for 30 minutes while I finish something.
I don't spend a lot of time on housework. I try to clean as I go along, like while I'm waiting for supper to cook, I'll clean the kitchen. I do homework pretty much from the time I get home for the day until bedtime with just a break for supper. I just make sure that homework is done first, then I can do other things.
Nap time is sacred, NOTHING but studying happens while he's sleeping b/c NOTHING related to studying happens while he is awake
Seriously, I don't answer the phone and I plan our days so we are home for naps or I have something to read in the car in case he falls asleep there. I usually stay up after he goes to bed as well.

Very little housework is getting done - it usually gets let go until it just drives us nuts and then dh and I have a tidy-fest one evening (unfortunately dh's tolerance is much higher than mine, so this doesn't happen as often as it should). I do keep the dishwasher cycling and try to do the handwashing (pots, pans, knives) every few days. I scrub the toilet while he plays in the bath.

It is so hard at that age to set them down, but looking back I should have taken better advantage of naps when ds was that age b/c he slept all the time! Get her set up on the boppy or in the moses basket right next to you while she sleeps. Maybe break your assignments into smaller tasks and write a list - I have an easier time getting started when I'm focusing on a piece of something rather than the entire, overwhelming thing, yk?

Good luck! It's tough to do school with kids (I got my bachelor's before ds, started my masters program while pg with him...the difference is huge!), but you become incredibly good at prioritizing and just getting those blasted assignments DONE
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This next semester will be my first time taking online classes and I am taking three of them. Plus I'll have one evening class on W from 6-9.

We aren't doing after school care this next semester and hopefully not again until I am teaching (if needed) so homework will get done after 9 pm when Kailey goes to bed.

I'll be working from 10-2 and her school dismisses at 2:45. What I think I'll do is read for that 30 minutes I wait in the valet line
Then finish up at night.
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Do you really want the truth?

I am so behind right now, it's not funny. I do homework after the house has gone to bed, usually after 10pm my time.
I aim to get everything done in a regular work day of 9-5 while my kids are at school/after-school-daycare. It works great at the beginning of the semester but falls apart when I have bigger papers due. But I always try to give my kids from 7-9am and 5-9pm with my undivided attention. What I can't finish by 5pm has to be done at 9pm after everyone is in bed.

Weekends are for housework and grocery shopping and laundry.
I bought one of those cookbook holders at a hardware store and I use it to hold open my textbooks so I can read hands free when necessary
that leaves one hand free for the keyboard and one for a child. Some days it is the only way I get much done, and my kids aren't even babies anymore!
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Lately, I'm not getting it done. Midterms are this week and I have 6 weeks of homework to turn in.

2 years into school and there goes my 4.0...... I can see it...... flying out the window........

I'm tired of taking time away from the kids to do homework. Passing, is going to have to do.
I started classes when Rain was 10 days old (distance learning). I'd lie on my side on the bed and latch her on, and then put the textbook and paper behind her, and write that way. This was pre-laptop days, but if you type one-handed I think it could work... although by 7 weeks Rain was a lot more active, so it really worked more when she was sleepy.

My DS was two months old when I started school and I am KICKING myself for not taking more classes. I got SOO much school work done. I either, sat him in the bouncy seat, or put him in the sling to do work. I would also sometimes lay in bed with him nursing and doing work. Also, Nursing is a good time to catch up on assigned readings too.

There's also, SLEEPING. WHen the babe is asleep (if you aren't sleep deprvived) do some school work.

With chores. Until he was about one, I did house work about an hour a day. Either with him in the sling or while he was napping.

This is good advice, I hadn't thought of wearing him or lying in bed... He still sleeps a lot if someone is next to him.

Maybe I'm just too obsessive about keeping up with the house (which never even looks clean...but maybe that's just because it's an apartment and clutter adds up fast).

CD: I will probably be working fulltime also...But if I have my way I will only be partime!
You will figure out what works best for by trial and error.

I've been going to school since my kids were babies (6 months old). I got the majority of my studying done at night after everyone was in bed....I just concentrate better at night. When my youngest was still nursing she would happily nurse and I could at least get some reading done.

Housework has to wait until the weekends (if I'm not at work that is!) when dh is home to help out (like today we did all the laundry, moved the 2 ft tall grass in the backyard, went grocery shopping, cleaned the bathrooms, etc). I make my kids clean up too (5 and 9 they can do a lot). But nothing is EVER totally picked up and perfect.

Anyways, it has all been working out fine. I even homeschool both my girls and my GPA is good. My girls also learned at an early age to entertain themselves
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my mom keeps the kids for 2 hrs a few days a week. i'm doing distance learning also so its 9 lessons. i started in april and i have until november to finish although i can file for an extension if i need it. i've turned in 2 lessons

although this is like my worst subject. its french 3 and really i barely passed fench 2 like 3,4 years ago....
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I'm taking notes. Starting classes again this fall and DH will be in graduate school... I'm very nervous about how busy we are going to be!!

I start school in August and my son James turns 3 right before I start..I was lucky I go from 5:30am to 10:30am so he is a sleep while I'm gone but it does pose the question when am I supposed to study???I mean house work alone took me a week to get all completed but no that it is done, it's all good. But once I start school when am I supposed to study???? And I am worried about being able to stay focused at school.
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Up until now, I had my son in preschool for 3 days a week and tried to schedule all of my classes into two days or just leave the third day with just one class. Then I'd use that third day to do homework or what have you. I also study at night after he goes to bed. He goes to bed between 7 and 8 and I stay up until 11ish, so I usually have plenty of time to get my stuff done.
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