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I was looking for other information on white oak trees and came across this page:

Nearly at the bottom of the page is: "Mercury Detoxification Effects of Allium sativumand Silymum marianum in Livers and Kidneys in Rats

Svetlana Zakharchenko

Advisor: Dr. Linda Swift

This study examines the detoxifying effects of Allium sativum (garlic) and Silybum marianum (milk thistle) on ingested mercury chloride in rats. Previous studies have shown that garlic contains thiol compounds which detoxify heavy metals, while milk thistle contains silymarin which protects the liver against damage from environmental toxins. Since heavy metals accumulate in the liver and kidneys, I hypothesize that the livers and kidneys of the rats treated with garlic and milk thistle will contain less mercury. Three groups of 8 rats were treated for 7 weeks with mercury chloride (conc.50 ppm.) in drinking water. The Garlic Group was intubated with 0.0028gm per body weight of garlic twice daily, the Milk Thistle Group was intubated with 0.0085 gm of milk thistle twice daily. The liver and kidney mercury content was measured using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry. Results indicate that the liver to body weight ratio in the control group was significantly greater than those found in garlic (P<0.01) and milk thistle (P<0.001) groups. Also, the kidney contained significantly more mercury (mg)/organ weight (gm) than the liver in both control and the experimental groups (P<0.001). Further, the ratio of the kidney to liver mercury concentration was greatest in the Milk thistle group (59.3) (P<0.05). These results indicate that the livers of rats treated with milk thistle were somewhat protected from the mercury effects. "

Thought you all might be interested.
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