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Stuff under the bed

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I totally didn't know this, but according to feng shui it is bad energy to keep stuff under your bed--esp. sharp objects and books. Wow, when we finally get a bed frame I'll be sure to not to put anything underneath it!
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Yes and also do not clean under it for your entire pregnancy! Not too difficult for me to abide to
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The only thing I keep under our bed is an emergency ladder for climbing out the window in case of fire. I figure that way if we ever need it, we'll know where it is. I don't want to have to dig through a closet and try to find it pushed it back in a corner. It may be bad feng shui, but safety trumps that for me!
It may be bad feng shui, but safety trumps that for me!

I had read about this a few years ago--not that I follow feng shui. Still, I must confess that I felt better after removing everything from under my bed about a year ago. I think it was more of a personal accomplishment for me because I surely abused that space in the past by allowing all sorts of crapola to collect there. Now I don't allow anything under there as a point of principle (although the ladder is surely a good idea!).
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Without all the junk under there, it's easier to check for monsters and retrieve cats. that gives me some element of relaxation!
Hmm... what if you have drawers under your bed? Does that still count?
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