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Stuffing pockets?

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What do you prefer to stuff pockets with-prefolds, microterry, hemp, etc.? I'm expecting in August and just starting to collect diapers. I love the fuzzi bunz that I got so far and I'd like to get a few different kinds to see what works for us. I have big babies-my last was almost 9 pounds so I'm starting with smalls.


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So far I've only tried microterry and they work fine. But I have only been CDing for a few weeks now so I'm still learning
I prefer hemp topped with either a microfiber insert or a preemie prefold
We have both hemp and microfiber. The microfiber works well for around 2 hours. For longer than that, I like a hemp insert wraped with a microfiber towel. I like that the hemp is trimmer.

If you are getting any Swaddlebees, I have found that their microfiber inserts are not as absorbant as other microfiber inserts, although I do like their hemp inserts.
I really like microfiber inserts. My favorite is the twinsert from Soft Cloth Bunz. They are super absorbant
Right now they're on sale for only $3/each
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Originally Posted by 3 Little Monkeys
I prefer hemp topped with either a microfiber insert or a preemie prefold
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I use infant unbleached Chinese prefolds folded in thirds for the Fuzzi Bunz and Swaddlebees. I got my hands on a Babykicks Hemparoo insert and I really like it so I got some more. I was turned off from hemp because of the insert that came with my Swaddlebee (it constantly leaked) and because of the stink. Now that I have a good diaper washing routine, I don't get any stink at all. I also like the one microfiber insert I have but to be honest, nothing beats the unbl. Chinese prefold for reliability. They're not the trimmest (a concern now that ds is getting mobile) but they have never failed me.
I use cotton terry inserts, the ones from Green Mountain diapers. I don't like microfiber much-- I just don't like the way it feels, and it bothers me to be handling it. And I've found that we have leaks with hemp, because DD tends to hold her pee a long time and let it go all in a rush, and the hemp we have just can't absorb fast enough.

I also like tri-folded infant prefolds in my Fuzzi Bunz. They're really not any bulkier than inserts, at least for us, and they do double-duty as actual diapers too.
We use microfiber towels almost exclusively. I like that they're not really that thick and I can pack extra in my diaper bag unless I'm out longer than I expected and need to reuse a pocket diaper. They also dry super fast and I haven't had a leak yet!
My favorite combo is microfiber and hemp, with the microfiber toward the baby. Microfiber absorbs faster than hemp, but we've found that if microfiber gets compressed when it's saturated, the liquid can squeeze out of it and leak, like a sponge. The hemp is less prone to compression wicking, so it works great as a backup to the microfiber. HTH!
I would agree that a combination works really well. Hemp is very very absorbant, but it tends to absorb a little slower than microfiber, so if you have a flooder, your diaper may leak while the hemp is still attempting to absorb. The microfiber absorbs quite quickly. I think that is why the combos work very well especially if you're going to be going on and may not be able to change a diaper for a little longer than usual.
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We use hemp - either joey bunz or the little lambs ones I got off ebay (very cost effective, though not as trim as the jb) topped with a microfiber insert I got with my fb from the seconds store. They work for a couple hours for us!

I swear by the 4 layer clothdaddy hemp inserts I have. I love them! And for night time we use the 9 layer trifold of hemp, never have had a leak with that!
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