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Stuffy nose or not?

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Ok, I have no idea, whether my son has stuffy nose or not. How weird is that? The thing is, he is rubbing his nose against my shirt sometimes, sometimes (not every breath) he makes a noise something like snurgle and sometimes he snores at night. Now, when I say sometimes I mean all of this in one day, he could make snurgle and next he is fine, no noise. The thing why I am so confused is that there is no discarge, he is breastfeeding with no difficulties and if I try suctioning his nose, nothing comes out. Now, when he was born, he was diagnosed with trachiomalacia and he made all kind of noises while breathing. Now that he is older (1 year old) almost all of this noises have gone, but sometimes some noise is still there. Could it be that he hasn't fully outgrown it yet, like pediatrician said? Or is this a sign of an allergy?
I have one more question about poops. This isn't for me, but my friend was asking me this. Her EBF son is having yellow/brown poop that looks like scrambled eggs. Is this normal? I know my DS used to have some of this from time to time, but I never found out what's normal. Dr. JAy Gordon says that it's normal, but is it?
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